Microbeads & fruit seeds in exfoliants – Who are you? Enemies?

Exfoliation is a skin care step that is no stranger to anyone. In addition to chemical exfoliation, physical exfoliation, which uses small particles for friction with the skin and peels away dead cells, is simple and effective. However, let's see what brands are using those seeds!

Firstly, microbeads - the most popular micro-plastic beads because of their low cost- round ends do not scratch the skin and clean the dead cells. But did you know that every time you use it, you release 100,000 tiny plastic particles into the environment? These particles are dispersed into the water, do not decompose, cannot be cleansed and accumulate in the plants, animals’ organisms and then become human food. Hence, the risk is present.

In addition, there are small particles crushed from fruit seeds such as apricot seed powder, peach seed powder, walnut powder, etc. These particles are not harmful to the environment and are cheap, so they are favoured by cosmetic companies. However, the size of these particles is usually large and sharp and can easily damage the skin and cause tiny folds in the skin - this is the premise for skin aging.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of small seeds, Zenboté chose bamboo powder for the exfoliation product for the following reasons:

Bamboo seeds with the optimal size and density, are extremely effective in deep cleansing while still mild, do not hurt the skin like other granules and help skin to shine, healthy and strong.

Bamboo powder is the most abundant source of silica in the world, can firm the skin and even skin tone organic bamboo powder is very friendly to the environment, has a rapid decomposition and will not harm water.

Bamboo is also easy to grow and grow fast, so the exploitation ensures that it does not affect the surrounding ecological environment.

And you, what are your choices? Will you choose a beautiful way to protect your environment?

- Zenboté - 


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