[Meditation principles] Subtle creates charm

Delicate is one of the qualities and values ​​that creates beauty and charm for women. In the principles of meditation, the subtlety and mystery are called Subtlety (Yugen).

Deep beauty unobtrusive or display. Using subtle hints, to stimulate curiosity and imagination, beauty becomes more charming than ever, upholding excellence through meticulousness. In taking the time to learn, watch, read, understand, develop, think and incorporate into speaking and silence related to yourself.

Originally, subtlety was never on the noisy tide, but it was always so quiet, as smooth as the waves from the far away. Do we all love charming smiles, passionate stories, delicacies, gentle speaking eyes, and graceful gestures, squirty and exquisitely beautiful from a woman?

That is what Asians consider as true beauty and their standards.

Outside is a pure appearance, and inside are the characteristics, the ways of dealing with subtlety and sophistication. We always try to improve ourselves to have a subtle sense of humor, subtle actions to treat each other and thoughts and subtle care to express affection outside.

Sophistication can be intrinsic, a graceful charm for each person, but it is also possible to learn from, refine and accumulate experience to cultivate the sophistication of life. Always watch, listen to the most focused and sincere way, then we will get the necessary expertise, build a living capital that is needed and enough to know the relationships.  
Inspired by sophistication, Zenboté brings a line of skin care products that are unique unique formulas that combine the characteristic components of the two ends of the globe. The delicate fragrance of each product comes from rare and precious essential oils. Photo de Melibu  Each name in Zenboté's products carries very subtle, gentle meanings. By combining the names of two ingredients from the East - West, Zenboté introduced Jasberry face wash: a combination of jasmine and cranberry Mild balance water Chama: German chamomile and magnolia; Pingin multi-purpose essence: pine forest (pine scots) and ginseng; Melibu anti-aging gel: Magnolia and Burdock root extract. 

With the exquisite values ​​in each stage of product preparation and launch, Zenboté wants to convey an equally subtle message: "The beauty really comes from inside".

- Zenboté - 


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