[Meditation principles] Creativity is the embodiment of intellectual beauty

Talking about human intellect, it is impossible not to mention creativity and non-stop thinking ability to explore new and unique things. For meditation, creativity, disruption, called Creativity (Datsukozu) is one of the most important and necessary principles to nurture the beauty of the mind and the value of life.

Creativity will help you to have long lasting beauty even if it takes another form.

People produce capital, everyone can think, and be creative. However, human creativity is largely limited by the method of education and the conventions of society. You need to think out of the box.

Become a creative, active person and explore new things. Do not easily accept what is available. Choosing how to imitate or repeat the old ways is one of the narrow dead ends that we easily get lost on the road of life. Be passionate about finding new things, bring usefulness to your life and yourself. Knowing how to transform long-standing habits, formulas and practices into new, creative and free ideas, to let your imagination be comfortable, is one of the methods of improvement the quality of life of every human being.


The most practical creations often come from very ordinary, very small, but widely applicable needs. In fact, the formula for creativity is simple: work, put everything into orbit, process, observe and analyze points that can be changed, improved; proceeding to make those changes and improvements, bring the work back to orbit, continue to observe, continue to approach the problem, come up with a solution ... repeat the process and we have the creation. And so, the criteria and requirements to create creativity are much simpler: good observation mentality combined with the spirit of desire, change, improvement of work, daily quality of life. That's enough for creativity! Inspiring illustration 
There is no motivation for us to be passionate about working with love. It is love of work, love of life that helps us to work tirelessly. Creators never follow pathetic thoughts. Creators are all attracted to their own new experiences.

However, creativity is not a day-to-day affair, but a long process of reflection. Each person needs to maintain his passion for exploration to create new values ​​in terms of material and spiritual or find new, new solutions that are not confined depending on what is available. People often see the result and give it a creative label that forgets creativity as a process of hardening and hard work, coming from the training itself, repeating every day that many people even considered boring.

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