Meditation and Asian Wisdom

In the modern context, meditation is no longer a strange concept for all of us, but there are many ways to explain meditation. In other words, meditation can be understood as methods to help form the habit of concentrating thoughts to do the right thing that we want or are doing. In yoga, meditation is called "Dhyana", meaning "the flow of the mind". This is a state of pure and highly concentrated when the flowing mind does not hinder, completely immersed in the thought of cosmic consciousness. If interpreted in a scientific way, meditation is a physiological state between sleep and consciousness, uniformly inhibiting neurons, both sensory and centralized, starting from the cortex.

Meditation brings a lot of effects in today's life like the flow. Spiritually, meditation will help us to see our life clearly and define ourselves with slow, deep and calm thoughts. Meditation helps our minds to relax to enjoy the tranquility, contributes to renewable energy sources, helps deal with stress and fights against crisis. Not only that, from mental stability, meditation can also boost the immune system, regulate breathing and regulate hormones to fight disease or physical pain, especially neurological disease.


Meditation originated in India, extremely developed in China and Japan, thus also has the most powerful impact and influence on Asia. Meditation is toward the silence of soul and was well appreciated by the Eastern Asians with deep inner beauty.


As the top line of organic products honoring the beauty of women, Zenboté appreciates the power of meditation on the spiritual life of every human being. The beauty of Zenboté lies in the fact that the beauty of every human being comes from the balance and calmness of the soul. Choose a simple, discreet and static lifestyle with safe, benign and natural beauty care products. These are the keys of a long-lasting beauty and happy life.

As the top line of organic products honoring the women’s beauty, Zenboté will share with you seven elements that make up meditation, also known as the Asian Wisdom rules. Asians put these 7 principles into practice, and beauty care is no exception. Asian women we all believe, peace, relaxation in the soul is very important to build a lasting natural beauty. When meditation emphasizes the importance of purity, Asians also determine that beauty cannot be without the purification of the mind.

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