Make-up is always one of the most important skin care steps. Dry and sensitive skin is especially "difficult". Do you know which product really suits your skin? If you're still freaking out, save this article right away in your notebook!


Dry and sensitive skin needs a mild and nutrient-rich cleanser

How to know if my skin is dry and/or sensitive ?

1. Redness of skin

Your skin is prone to redness, whether natural or irritating to a particular ingredient. This is a common sign of sensitive skin.

2. Thin skin, capillary:

Your blood vessels under your skin can be clearly seen, especially the area around your mouth and sides, especially when it's hot.

3. Pimples:

Frequent rashes or acne can often be hidden acne or acne without a clear reason. 

4. Stinging, burning when using beauty products:

People with sensitive skin often have thin skin protection barriers. Whether it's a cleanser, moisturizer, foundation cream or sunscreen, your skin will be prickly, burning and itchy. Synthetic flavoring in special cosmetics makes your skin uncomfortable.

 5. Dry skin:

Skin dryness and irritation are signs of eczema, a type of characteristic dermatitis that occurs when the barrier protects the skin from working properly, causing the skin to not retain moisture

6. Sensitive to UV rays:

This is easy to see when you are exposed to the sun without using a hat or sunscreen, your skin will turn red.

7. Reaction to bad weather:

The days of cold wind or wet rain, your skin is flushed due to irritated, swollen blood vessels. Synthetic fabric and friction with clothes and scarves also make you itchy. 

8. Excess oil:

In some environmental and weather conditions, dry, sensitive skin can produce more oil trying to compensate for the lack of moisture. As a result, the shadow faces a few places and peels off in other places. 

The Aloe Vera products suit  dry and sensitive skin because they help cool and soothe the skin.

Which makeup remover should be used for dry and sensitive skin? 



Choose a milk remover (lotion), wax or cream: If you have dry skin, use a cream or foam removers that limit friction when you massage it on your skin. This restores moisture to dry, sensitive skin, which is less stressful and uncomfortable. Also remove your makeup.


Try removing oil-free makeup: Although oil helps nourish and protect dry skin, some people don't like the sticky feeling. Moreover, if you are worried about removing makeup that clogs your pores, try an oil-free makeup remover. This type of page remover tends to be softer.

Use makeup remover with natural ingredients: This type will be safe for the skin.


** AVOID **

Makeup remover with alcohol: Many types of alcohol makeup remover are one of the main ingredients because it easily breaks down the solid chemical formula of many makeup. However, when you use regular alcohol remover make sensitive skin irritate, it can also damage your skin over time. So avoid using them when it’s possible.


Remove makeup with non-traditional products: Some websites suggest using products like baby oil to remove makeup. While there is no alcohol, these are not prepared for facial skin, which can cause irritation or clog pores causing acne.


Use a variety of flavoring and preservative products: Lots of labels add flavorings and chemical preservatives to their makeup to make them more attractive to consumers. However, if you have sensitive skin, colorings, smells and preservatives can actually irritate your skin.

To remove the make-up layer effectively and safely with dry, sensitive skin, you should be careful in choosing products. Choose products with organic natural ingredients that help to truly nourish instead of common cosmetics containing skin-damaging chemicals.



References Mavo multipurpose cleansing milk: Thanks to nutritional ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, avocado oil, Mavo helps you:

+ Remove excess oil and makeup layers in an extremely gentle, natural way, completely without drying out the skin.

+ Nurturing deep inside, giving skin a refreshing, soft and radiant look. In particular, avocado is dubbed the “super fruit” because it contains rare and precious antioxidant compounds, essential fatty acids and many minerals and vitamins A, C, and E, which help moisturize and nourish skin, while erasing signs of aging. Tangerine essential oil is especially effective in lightening the skin, bringing radiance and radiance.

+ Moreover, with 100% natural organic ingredients, you can use Mavo as a cleanser, milk to remove makeup even a nourishing mask or night cream.




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