As the demand for beauty is getting higher and higher, cosmetic manufacturers have launched new products to satisfy customers' needs. If before, when referring to skin care, people often think of cleanser or lotion, today, skin care becomes more formal with many products, which are: serum, ampoule, milky lotion, lotion, conditioning gel, balm, etc.

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Although undeniable, the more products, the better the care becomes. But, when there are too many products, it is easier to feel confused and lost. Although all have a skin care function, the serum, lotion and conditioner have completely different properties and uses.

Serum – Oily Balm - Moisturizer The Differences





Characteristics ingredients

The formula is based on water, has high permeability Contains a large amount of active ingredients (vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing ingredients)

Oil should be absorbed slowly, when used should be combined with massage movements The balm is pressed from fruits and seeds of plants, mixed with a few active ingredients and relaxing essential oils

Moisturizer is formulated with a combination of water and oil, easily absorbed into the skin. There are also active ingredients in moderate concentrations.


Water has a small molecular size, easily penetrates into the skin, so the serum has the ability to heal deep lesions in the skin and treat specific defects such as: wrinkles, dullness, acne, etc.

Nutrients from balm oil often have a large molecular size, do not easily penetrate deep in the skin, so choose grape molecular oils such as jojoba or argan, or other oils that apply special technology (eg oleosome) . Nourishing oil is especially effective in providing vitamins & fatty acids, helping to nourish and restore the skin, increase health and long-term elasticity, make skin soft instantly, while moisturizing by preventing moisture vaporize.

Provides moisture, nutrition (water-soluble and oil-soluble type), creating protective film against dehydration.Best used when skin is wet to lock moisture.


Does not deeply moisturize the skin

Do not form a barrier against dehydration on the skin

No sun protection

Do not provide water-soluble nutrients to the skin, such as Vitamin B3Does not provide moisture in a balanced way but moisturizes dry skin, or normal skin with dry, peeling patches.

Do not go into the skin for treatment like serum Nutrient levels provide less than oil Using daily moisturizer is necessary if you have normal skin, combination skin or oily skin. But when you take care of dry skin, using only moisturizer may not be enough, so need to replenish the oil. Special treatment issues need support serum.


Suitable for all skin types

Suitable for dry skin, combined dry skin, normal skin

Suitable for all skin types


Differentiate nurturing products for effective use

** Order of use **

Whether you follow a cosmetic or skin care rule, any product with ingredients that are small-sized molecules will be used first, larger will be used later. The process of perfect skin care will be: cleaning, balancing skin, essence, serum, cream / balm. Depending on your needs, skin condition, and living environment, you can choose balm or cream for your final step.





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