Learn how to let go and be true

In order to have peace, tranquility in the soul, meditation has taught us one of the most basic lessons: Austerity (Koko): Abandonment. For the wise life principle of the Asians, letting go is also one of the ways for each person to be in harmony.

Austerity factor reminds us to live with the core value of everything, to get rid of the less important things and to make room for things that really matter. It doesn’t mean ignoring everything, and dropping everything. In fact, simplicity can be understood by "removing a little". Learn how to get rid of, remove from your mind and life what you do not have, what is not entirely yours, what is not necessary for you.

We just have craving and infinite desires when we loot at others, we are jealous, may have greed, we want to possess things around us. Eliminate impurities in both soul and bod, looking back to the roots is the true life. Adopt complete simplicity. True beauty begins with inner beauty. You have succeeded in your life when all you want is what you really need.

People who have understood the need to let go will be truly happy and rich. The best way to remove depression is to forget troubles, let go of sorrow. Living in the world, we should not be too strict, work without need for pursuit and perfection if not, joy cannot be enjoyed. Humanity should understand that there may be ink, tolerance for others is for myself a flexible part, a way back. 

According to the conception of the Dharma, people who live are unhappy for three main reasons. It is accustomed to exaggerating the happiness of others, accustomed to exaggerating their suffering, familiarizing themselves with the suffering of others compared to the suffering of others, bring their own flaws to compare with the pro’s points of others. The best way to live in harmony, to love yourself and to respect the existence of life, is to let go of the glorious flowers, frivolous, respectful and pursue the necessary values ​​for yourself.


However, letting go is never an easy task. Sliding along the whirlpools of life and easily blinded by power or form, we all easily lose ourselves. Take light, let go, be alert to temptations, we can be strong and brave before the winds of life.


Understanding this basic principle, Zenboté also actively let go and trade off: removing unnecessary ingredients in a product, including artificial colours, fillers, and chemicals. Learning to create smooth skin without any strong preservatives and ingredients potentially dangerous for your health.

During the production and packaging process, Zenboté also omitted the cumbersome steps such as making complicated bottles and glitter labels, but could take hundreds of years to decompose. In her guest care system, Zenboté also shortened complicated procedures and procedures to focus on solving problems and meeting customers' needs. With Zenboté, quality and efficiency are the top factors.

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