Sunscreen has long been an important figure in women's skin care "lineup." They have the function of protecting skin from UV rays - the cause of darkening, melasma and many other problems. For convenience, the company recently launched versatile cream products: moisturize with light skin tone and sun protection. Are these products really good? How effective is sun protection? Zenboté invites you to consult the article below!

Protecting the skin from the sun is the most important thing to have beautiful skin

On the market today, creams with sun protection effect (SPF 15 to 25) are quite common, for example:


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☘️ Moisturizer with SPF: Combines normal moisturizer and ingredients that protect skin from UV rays from the sun.

☘️Sunscreen cream (BB or CC Cream): A 3-in-1 cream, with a concealment foundation with medium coverage, instead of moisturizer, incorporating a sunscreen.

For busy girls, multi-use products of this type are attractive. However, according to recent studies, the sun protection effect of this multitasking product is not really as expected.

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The choice of sunscreen depends on the conditions and needs you want to use

Why are sunscreen ingredients in creams less effective?

Essential moisturizer is deeply absorbed and nourishes the skin. Meanwhile, sunscreen is made to create a protective layer of skin against UV rays, not to restore moisture or bring nutrients into deeper skin. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied first before the makeup step.


☘️ The sunscreen prescribed by FDA is a drug and those regulations require a specific amount of SPF to be effective, with no room for other active ingredients in the formula. Result in either:


+ Moisturizer containing sunscreen will have very few active ingredients, thus less effective in nourishing and protecting, or vice versa


+ Sunscreen ingredients in lotion are not enough to promote effectiveness

Most importantly, when exposed to air and light, sunscreen becomes less effective after a short time (up to about 90 minutes). You need to reapply if your skin is still exposed to the sun. Therefore, sunscreen must be a separate layer, not an ingredient added to moisturizer and works for hours.


☘️ Although SPF 15 or 30 may be written on the label, the amount you put on your face will not be enough to get that coverage and it will be diluted with moisturizer. So you will only have SPF 10 or 12 that works on your skin.


What solution to use these two types?

☘️ The best way to use is to apply moisturizer first, then apply SPF 30 or more sunscreen every morning for at least 15 minutes before going to the sun. Finally makeup if you want. That way, you get the full benefit from sunscreen.

☘️ Limit the use of these two types of products together.

Now you understand, you should not use sunscreen cream with sun protection ingredients, if you want the products to really have good results. Most importantly, instead of choosing mineral oil, water and chemicals for your skin, you should prioritize natural skin care products to nourish healthy skin from within.


Source: Zenboté



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