Those who love and care about beauty must be no stranger to chemical exfoliants, also called peeling - skin cleansing methods that get a lot of attention recently. Try with Zenboté to find out why this skin care method is so popular!


Exfoliating is an indispensable step if you want a smooth skin
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** What is peeling? **

If physical exfoliation is a mechanical effect on the skin surface to remove dirt and dead skin cells, chemical exfoliation uses Hydroxy Acids such as Salicylic, Glycolic, Latic Acid and enzymes that can cleanses both on the skin surface and toxins, dead cells or acne in deep pores. Thus, promoting the production of new skin cells, making the skin white and smooth.

** Use of exfoliation **

Exfoliation helps remove 4 to 5 layers of aging cells from the horny layer, revealing a new, smooth, fresh skin. Chemical dead skin removal is particularly useful inTreatment of melasma and even skin tone

• Face rejuvenation

• Clear the pores

• Support acne removal

• Reduce the depth of wrinkles or acne scars

• Brightens skin

• Enhance absorption of other skin care products 


Remove dead skin regularly 1-2 times / week with safe products for smooth and radiant skin.

Source: Zenboté

** Types of chemical exfoliation **

1. Remove surface dead skin cells

In this type, the active substance penetrates shallow on the surface of the skin, removing the dead cell layer gently. Best suited for mild skin problems such as discolored skin or light rough texture. Can be done at home. Example: Exfoliation with mandelic, lactic acid or salicylic acid in low concentrations


2. Remove dead skin from the middle layer

In this type, they penetrate deeper into the middle layer of the skin, targeting the damaged skin cells. Most suitable for moderate skin problems such as shallow scars, wrinkles and pigmentation problems such as melasma, melasma or hawksbones or precancerous skin conditions. Be extra careful when doing this type, preferably see a doctor.

For example: Remove dead skin with high concentration glycolic acid


3. Remove dead skin from deep layers


True to its name, this type penetrates deep into the middle layer of the skin. They target damaged skin cells to improve moderate to severe scars, deep wrinkles and marked skin discoloration. Never exfoliate deep at home, need a clinic for professionals to do.

Example: Removal of chemical dead skin with phenol.


** Side effects of chemical exfoliation **

The side effects you may experience are largely dependent on the cleansing ingredient, the strength of each ingredient in the product you use.


☘️ For mild chemical exfoliants such as 15% salicylic or 25% mandelic acid, there will be little or no side effects. You only get a little red after bleaching is done, but will decrease in an hour or two after that. Strong exfoliation will cause redness within two to three days


Note: Just because you don't see the immediate effect of exfoliation, doesn't mean it doesn't work! Don't underestimate the power of chemical exfoliation, even if you feel it doesn't do much.

☘️ For products with higher bleaching, the skin may peel and red. This lasts from 7 to 10 days.

In addition, using chemical exfoliation also has side effects such as:

☘️ Causing redness, peeling of skin

☘️ Skin abrasion causes masses of acne

☘️ Causes dry skin, irritation

☘️Acidity increases the sensitivity of the skin under the action of sunlight


** Skin care after chemical exfoliation **


☘️ Products should not be used within 24 hours after exfoliation:


• Products containing tretinoins, retinoids• Products contain AHA, BHA or another type of chemical exfoliation• Vitamin C serum• Serum has a low pH


Skin care is an indispensable step after exfoliation

Source: Zenboté

☘️ Simple skin care after cleansing with hyaluronic acid-containing products that moisturize the skin, and promote skin healing. The ingredients that strengthen the skin's natural protective film, such as ceramides, are also important for skin regeneration.

Last but not least, make sure you use sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun immediately after exfoliating. Because then your skin will be very sensitive.


Source: Zenboté


Product reference: Pingin skin whitening Serum


Source: Zenboté




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