Japanese, Korean, Thai, fascia massages, also called massage tissue/ or deep facial tissue massage are currently hot trend at beauty salons and spas. However, very few people really understand the nature of this method. Let discover with Zenboté this special form of massage!

Fascia are subcutaneous connective tissues made of collagen fibersPhoto source: leadpilates.com

** What is fascia? **

Under the skin, there is a spider web connective tissue system that surrounds and connects all muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic system and organs. In addition to linking the internal structures together, this tissue system is also responsible for absorbing and transferring force. Since then, coordinating with the muscular system to create smooth, rhythmic movement of parts

Massage connective tissue

Under the influence of stress or fatigue, connective tissue loses flexibility and natural movement ability. The slowing down of connective tissue cells results in poor recovery of the skin, and the skin's resistance to external effects also decreases.

 Joint tissue massage (EFM), based on Fascia therapy, was created in 1980 by a French physiotherapist named Danis Bois, in fact a facial sensory technique based on click. Activating connective tissue with special strokes, pressing and releasing stress and stimulating restarting of connective tissue. The natural physiological activity of the skin also revives. 


** Common misunderstandings about connective tissue massage **




Fascia massage can disrupt adhesion, knots and scar tissue in connective tissue

- The connective tissue made from collagen fibers is as strong as steel. In order to really break them, it is necessary to use force so strong that it can seriously injure the body. Furthermore, collagen takes 3 years to change the structure.

- Massaging fascia affects the nervous system, helping the body relax and relax muscles, stimulating the operation of the parts. Therefore, fascia massage is performed very gently and effectively.

You have pain because your connective tissue is sticky, full of knots and scar tissue

- The feeling of pain does not really originate in our tissues. This is a 100% feeling created by the nervous system, acting as a kind of body protection signal.- Pain sensation is therefore not necessarily due to problematic connective tissue.- Deep tissue massage is highly effective in neurological relaxation and pain relief.

The connective tissue may become dehydrated, leading to poor functioning. Massage will help moisturize the firm tissue.

- Our connective tissue is made up of cells, collagen fibers and a gelatin buffer. This cushion may be dehydrated.- However, it has not been proven that massage will help moisten the cushion. But the use of regulating connective tissue activity is real




Understanding the nature of connective tissue and common problems, the use of connective tissue massage is no longer a mystery. This massage method is a special course of therapy that brings a moment of complete relaxation from inside to outside, from every skin cell to the whole body and mind, in accordance with the spirit of beauty meditation. This technique restores deep skin by activating skin cells, while improving blood circulation under the skin, thereby helping: Soothes the irritation, promotes the healing process of acne and other lesions of Skin, brightens the skin, improves the elasticity and softness of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, enhances and stabilizes the underlying energy of the skin, helping the skin to absorb the care products well.

Combining this massage with quality organic conditioning products will give optimal results. 






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