everybody wants to have a perfect, spotless skin, but not every girl has the patience and time to take care of the skin with dozens of complicated steps every day. Zenboté will provide you with your own secrets to quickly and easily beautify your skin, suitable to your "lazy level"!



** Level 1: You take care of your skin in 2 basic steps: Clean & Moisturize **

  1. Clean:

- Removes makeup: Makeup remover products on the market today usually have three types: oil / cream / milk remover or makeup remover. The main task is to dissolve the make-up on the skin. Depending on the type of skin you choose the appropriate product. The most important is the green - clean - safe ingredient. Minimize strong cleansing chemical ingredients.


Product reference: Mavo versatile cleanser milk


- Wash your face: This wash step is as important as the makeup remover, helping to really clean the dissolved make-up, dirt, dead skin and excess oil on the skin. As well as removing makeup, you need to choose natural and safe products. If you don’t wear heavy makeup or you are very lazy only a multi-purpose cleanser is alright for skin cleansing!

Product reference: Jasberry soft foam cleanser


b. Moisturizing:

Moisturizing is always a routine that must be in the routine every day no matter what type of skin you are and what problems you have. Good moisturizing is the key to slowing the aging process. When it is moist enough, the skin becomes smooth, the pores tighten, the skin also absorbs nutrients easily from more nourishing products. Even if you're lazy, try to use lotion twice a morning and evening! If you are too lazy, once at night, will it help your skin regenerate.

🍁Product reference: Copa facial moisturizer

Adding vitamin C essence to your basic skin care process in the evening helps to smooth wrinkles, protect the skin from environmental damage, reduce spots, pigmentation and discoloration.

Product reference: Pingin skin Miraculous Serum


Pingin Multi-purpose Serum Essence - Best friend of "lazy girl"

** Level 2: You only use cream but not regularly **

Although the importance of using moisturizers has been recommended by experts, many people do not keep their skin moisturized on a regular basis. If you do not want your skin to quickly darken have melasma, wrinkles or dry with age, try twice a day to apply lotion. Too lazy one time at night?


A dirty skin cannot absorb nutrients from the cream. Dirty skin is also dull, easy to get acne. So add a step to clean the skin with a gentle, safe cleanser!


** Level 3: You wash your face evenly **

skin cleansing is an extremely important step in the daily skin care process, ensuring a healthy, smooth and ready-to-absorb skin. Practice right away for you to wash your face regularly 2 times in the morning and evening (if you are too lazy, once in the evening, it is okay!) With gentle cleansers suitable for your skin. 

Suggestions "lazy" downgrade:
This first class is not sure how to recommend it. Well then, you just do well the method of skincare streamlined and classic by ... 01 step already! Then slowly upgrade yourself professionally in skin care!















Everyone has a different skin, different skin care points. Depending on individual conditions and needs, choose an appropriate routine. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Sometimes, minimizing the skin care process but using good products can bring unexpected effects, especially when the work is too busy, making you not have enough time to love your skin.




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