Keeping it natural: the benefits of organic skincare

PhD cosmetic scientist Pauline Hill says that everyone can benefit from the use of well-formulated skincare — and even more from well-formulated organic skincare.

Why is organic skincare better than non-organic?

All skincare should be scientifically validated to demonstrate its effectiveness. Well-formulated, clinically tested organic skincare has the advantage of providing the skin with all it needs to be healthy without any extraneous materials that the skin does not recognise. Given our daily exposure to extraneous chemicals in our air and daily lives, it's advantageous to find ways to reduce our bio burden.

Who uses organic — and what's in the products?

Anyone who wants to take conscious care of themselves and be proactive in what goes on their skin. Many products have plant-derived active ingredients that have been shown to be beneficial to the health of the skin, such as organic oils to provide the omega fats, and organic plant extracts high in vitamins and minerals.

Is organic skincare environmentally responsible?

Yes. Organic products contain high levels of organic ingredients that have been produced by sustainable agriculture; they promote a healthy lifestyle; and they actively avoid chemicals that are environmentally damaging.



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