Skin cleansing is not only the first step in the skin care process, it is the fundamental step to make the skin care steps more effective. Japanese Women achieve to reach the eternal youth. Their secret? The double cleaning method, also known as “Double Cleansing” that is causing fever on beauty communities. Very suitable for oily skin let’s learn about this new habit!


What is Double cleansing?

Double Cleansing is a method of skin cleansing originating from Japan, when beautiful Geisha girls want to remove their thick makeup and make the skin cleanest. This method consists of 2 steps :

• Use an oil-based cleanser to neutralize excess oil and make-up on the skin

• Use a water-based cleanser to clean neutralized oils, dead skin and dirt, leaving the skin completely clean

** Why does oily skin need double cleansing **

In fact, oily skin produces more oil, sebum and oil-based deposits than normal skin. Therefore, double cleansing c is an ideal option to completely clean your skin. Specifically :

Step 1:

Remove layersYou should choose the type of makeup remover under the oil for or cream form because of the oil-soluble oil mechanism, this type of makeup remover will help you remove the excess oil and dirt quickly. If you have acne, gently massage these areas, avoid damaging and rupturing acne spots during the cleansing process. 

Reference products: Mavo Zenboté Organic Cleansing Milk: With a milky texture and unique blend of benign organic ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and tangerine peel oil, Mavo helps take away layers of make-up, sebum and dirt on the skin, while providing nutrients that make skin soft and not dry like other cleaning products. 

Avocado oil in milk Mavo makeup helps deep clean dirt, excess oil and make-up on skin.

Step 2: Wash your face

Cleansing make-up with effective and benign butter and oil but can leave a greasy feeling on oily and acne skin. Therefore, double cleansing encourages additional cleaning steps with cleanser after cleansing.With oily skin, be very careful in choosing the cleanser. Especially avoid products containing strong detergents such as soap, SLS or other types of exfoliants. These ingredients destroy the skin barrier, cause skin damage, inflammation or become dry, flaky. At this time, oily skin can produce more oil to compensate, leading to a breakout of acne. 

Therefore, special priority should be given to gentle facial cleansers, containing natural cleansing ingredients such as coco glucoside, decyl glucoside; These products have a pH close to the skin, are supplemented with nourishing ingredients to help clean and smooth skin after washing. You can also look for USDA or Ecocert certified organic and safe cosmetics.

Product reference: Jasberry soft foam cleanser of Zenboté: Clean with corn and coconut extract and skin softening and anti-aging extracts like Jasmine and cranberry fruit, on aloe vera juice background. 

Foam-based organic cleanser is a good choice for all skin typesIn addition, to take care of oily skin has the best effect, do not forget the two steps of periodic deep cleaning 1-2 times / week, including:

 Step 3:  Exfoliation

If you don't want to live with acne and a dull skin, think about removing dead skin cells. Because dead skin cells encounter excess oil on oily skin is the condition that creates acne.To choose the appropriate exfoliation product, Zenboté recommends that you choose oily or gel types. If physical cleaners need to choose the type with small seeds, round from natural less damaging to the skin.

 Product reference: Zenboté Hoba mineral exfoliating gel - Exfoliating product with organic bamboo seeds, simultaneously supplying minerals (Silica) to the skin thanks to horsetail extract. 

Step 4: Clay mask:

Oily skin or blackheads and white heads appear, stemming from debris, dead cells, bacteria and clogged deep oil in the pores and oxidation. Clay masks - a rich component of magnesium & chloride have a deep cleansing effect to help clear pores - a powerful assistant to help oily skin handle these problems. Product Reference: Coftea skin purifying mask of Zenboté contains natural cleansing ingredients such as coffee, Kaolin or green tea clay and red algae, famous antioxidant ingredients. 

Double cleansing is recognized as an effective cleansing method for oily and acne skin. In addition to mastering the above cleaning principles, selecting high quality and original products also helps to optimize the effectiveness of the oily skin care process.  



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