It sounds like they are the same because they contain the two main components, FLOWER and WATER. But the truth is that they are extremely different in composition, process of modulation, and of course both use and cost! Let’s see!

🌸Flower water: Floral water is pure water mixed with flower oil to form a fragrant solution. You know, essential oils are not soluble in water, so for water flowers, manufacturers often must add some soluble additives to have a homogeneous solution. These conductors can slightly change the properties of floral water round essential oils, while the oil content is very low, so the use of this water is very little, and of course the price is low.

HYDROSOL is the product of plant distillation. Water distilled flowers carry in them the aroma and therapeutic molecules of essential oils but at lower concentrations. Hydrosol solution is completely pure and natural, elaborate production process cost more.

Pink rose water common and easily confused nouns for:
- rose distilled water (rose hydrosol)

- rose water mixed with rose oil - and even all solutions balance and tighten pores (toner). 

Rose essential oil is extremely effective in anti-aging, smoothing and brightening instantly. This is also one of the most expensive essential oils in the world (10k kg of new petals for 1 kg of essential oil) so it is not surprising that the word "rose water" is abused so! Perfume: a solution of 10-100 different essential oils mixed with very little alcohol and water. Because the amount of essential oils is so dense, this product is extremely expensive.

However, the number of products used each time is very small, so we can only make use of the fragrance without using the other healing properties of essential oils in perfume. TONER is a word for a balanced solution and moisturized skin, can be made from a lot of different extracts, vegetable oils. So, toner is different from rose water!  

For example, TONER CHAMA of Zenboté is a gentle balancing water extracted from Roman Chrysanthemum, magnolia, aloe vera, South African pink tea, hydrolyzed rice protein and hazelnut juice. It helps to stabilize and balance the physiological pH, it strengthens the natural protective film of the skin, tightens pores, cleanses and smoothest the skin preparing the skin to absorb next treatments.   



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