Hydrosol, a stranger not that strange


Currently, HYDROSOL is a name constantly mentioned by beauty lovers. So what is hydrosol? A new product? This is not the case, it is an "acquaintance" of organic cosmetics.

What is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol - Hydrolat - also known as plant-based distilled water is the product of the distillation process of plants.

Do you remember how people make essential oils? Getting water vapor through plants, flowers, etc. the steam will separate the volatile components of plants, then gets cooled down to become a liquid mixture. This mixture after deposition will be obtained in two separate parts, the upper layer is essential oil and the lower layer is VEGETABLE EXHAUSTED? WATER - Hydrosol - pure water containing low oil content and water-soluble components of plants.

Once considered a "by-product" not worthwhile in the production of essential oils, HYDROSOL has been "vindicated" currently and become one of the 10 most indispensable ingredients of organic skin care. This is the basic ingredient for making products such as lotion, cleansing, moisturizing.

Hydrosol contains molecules with aroma and healing effects of essential oils, but at a much less dense level, which Hydrosol to be suitable for almost all skin types, even the most sensitive skins. . Hydrosol has all the preeminent properties of essential oils but is especially gentle to the skin and has no contraindications, which is very different from essential oils. This is also the idea that Hydrosol becomes the perfect ingredient to replace pure water in high-end organic skin care formulations.


Try to see which plant distilled water is suitable for your skin!



Hydrosol a plant-based distilled water which is being equated with a lot of other solutions, sometimes just added water with artificial aroma, alcohol and other ingredients also sold under the name HYDROSOL. So, how to buy "standard" goods without paying too much for a different quality?

Of course, to circumvent the rules of the game, the brands will have many ways, so most importantly, choose products that are reputable and genuine and especially equip yourself with full knowledge and updates to evaluate. Accurate on product quality.


Water - the main component of Hydrosol - is also a suitable environment for microbial bacteria to grow so we often think that distilled water is quite perishable. However, if properly produced, a pure hydrosol can be stored for up to 12 months in the shade. Once opened, remember to use it within 4-6 months!

You can also try mixing vegetable distilled water with a suitable clay to make an extremely effective skin care mask!

Now are you confident enough to choose a suitable type of Hydrosol?

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