How to wash your face properly?

You may not apply the serum, do not use lotions, do not exfoliate or apply a mask, but there is one thing you definitely cannot ignore every day - FACE WASHING.

In the process of skin care, skin cleansing is one of the most basic beauty care steps. Try checking that you know how to wash your face properly!

If you see the following phenomena, it is a sign of washing your face in the wrong way:

  • Skin becomes dry and tense after washing
  • Becomes more sensitive, appearing phenomena such as redness and peeling
  • More oil on your face

So, what is the right way to cleanse the face?

Order of skin cleansing steps

Facial cleanser is not the only skin cleansing step, so that the cleansing step can get the best effect, you need to know the order of cleaning steps:


  • Remove makeup with oil / makeup remover cream to remove makeup, sun protection and even long-lasting excess oil on the skin
  • Wash your face with a cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt from your skin
  • Removal of dead skin 1-2 times a week
  • Skin balance toner: bringing the skin back to the most balanced and soft state




  3. TONER

Choose the right face wash product

There are thousands of cleaning products on the market, but separated in two categories:

Foam cleanser is very effective to remove excess oil, because the foam texture helps cleanser to clean quickly and gently, wriggling deeply into the pores. However, you should keep in mind to avoid excessive foaming cleansers, because facial cleanser contains industrial foaming agents that can cause irritation and dry skin is quite large. If the ingredient is completely from plants, this facial cleanser does not contain chemical foaming ingredients, so little foam, quite gentle, suitable for all skin types, especially in hot and humid climate. Refer to those products  

- Cream / milk cleanser often has thick texture and contains many nutrition ingredients that help gently clean the skin without depriving the natural protective film because of the presence of several oily ingredients. The moisturizing ingredients in milk help smooth skin immediately after washing. However, note that if you have oily skin, this cleanser can still make your skin quite oily. So, the ideal skin to use this product is dry skin and sensitive skin.

 How often do we need to wash our face?

Often, we only have the habit of using the cleanser once in the evening and forget that point:

• Night-time is the most active period of excretion on the skin, excess oil, dead skin are available every morning on the skin.

• Your skin has been covered with lots of balm from the night before and this is also the environment for bacteria to thrive
Do you usually lie on your side when you sleep? So surely your face has been exposed to a lot of cushions, and pillows - sources of dust and bacteria 
These reasons make your morning face skin also need to remove excess oil, dirt and old skin care products. You can choose a mild cleanser, smooth foam for this morning's cleansing step to wash your face gently and more quickly. 

So optimal is to wash your face twice a day!

Hot water or cold water?Many of you wonder if you should use hot water or cold water to wash your face for the best results. The answer will be warm water, because when the water is not too hot or too cold, it is the optimal choice if you do not want the skin to be dry but still get the remaining SRM on your skin - here is the best way to wash your face! 

Do not skip the Toner step

To wash your face effectively, you should not skip the Toner step. Many people still confuse Toner only function to shrink pores and only use Toner when you want to have small pores. But actually, Toner also works to deep clean the pores when the cleanser can not touch, helps skin balance moisture and pH, bringing the skin to the most balanced and ready to absorb the nutrients of serum and lotion afterwards.


Wish you choose the right cleanser and have a healthy, clean skin! 

- Zenboté- 


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