If you are a travel lover, especially like exploring remote areas, where the culture and nature are completely different from where you live or work that requires frequent travel, travelling by place is part of your routine. Whether due to hobbies or work, flights from a few hours to a few dozen hours are enough to make you feel tired. For women, poor appearance after long flights is inevitable. So, what's the secret to skin care when flying?


You are about to fly a long flight. Do you know how to take care of your skin?


1.     Remove makeup

Get rid of your makeup classes as soon as you board the plane and settle your seat. Prioritize the type of makeup remover from natural oils so that it can both cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time, instead of cleansing wet paper with a lot of harmful alcohol. As soon as the safety signal light turns off, when the aircraft has stabilized its height, take a small amount of makeup remover onto the cotton pad and wipe it gently on the skin surface to remove all the makeup and dirt. Excess layers of oil on your skin. Clean skin is ready for further moisturizing steps. 

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2. Mineral spray provides moisture

The air on the plane is very dry and not well ventilated, accompanied by cold temperatures, not to mention forgetting to drink water makes your skin dry. Don't forget to spray minerals right after makeup remover and regularly during the flight to maintain moisture and keep your skin fresh.

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3. Use serum

The air in the carbin has less oxygen that makes your skin dull. Immediately add a serum to enhance skin's nourishing nutrition. Vitamin C serum is a good choice to help your skin be healthier and more radiant.

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4. Use a moisturizer / thick mask before sleeping

For long flights, you will definitely need a nap. Taking advantage of this time to deepen the skin is a good thing to have soft skin on the plane. Before sleeping, apply a thick layer of nutrient-rich skin to the skin. Alternatively, apply a sleep mask that doesn't need to be rinsed with water (leave-on mask). They give the skin more nutrients and moisture than regular creams, especially suitable for dry skin to withstand the low humidity environment on the aircraft. Don't forget the mask / eye cream! 

5. Lip balm

Lips are one of the areas that most clearly show the body's dehydration. Just like mineral spray, regularly apply lip balm to keep the lips fresh, smooth, beautiful despite the lipstick.

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6. Sunscreen 

It may sound weird but yes, you need to apply sunscreen even if you don't sit next to the airplane window. When hovering on the floor, you're closer to ultraviolet rays than ever before. You don't see the sun, don't feel the heat, doesn't mean you're safe. Choose sunscreen with a very high sun protection factor: SPF 50+ and PA +++ for face and body before boarding the plane.  

Finally, don't forget to eat plenty of nutrients, plenty of green vegetables, fruit and plenty of water. Wish you a fresh and soft skin! 




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