Organic cometics have become a popular and optimal beauty trend of women in the world. However, amidst a vast market with diverse brands and products how can I choose the most suitable organic cosmetic for me ? Please refer to the following methods ! 

Based on organic certifications: 

Organisations that provide organic certifications can be considered one of the trusted that helps us believe in organic cosmetics on the market. Although each organic certification body has different standards, the criteria that needs to ensure the nature of the product are alaways top priority. If in the organic cosmetics line you are learning about international-scale organizations such as ECOCERT (France) USDA (from the US Department of Agriculture, National Organic Commitee), NSF (USA, Natrue (EU), BDIH (Germany)... certification, you're on the right track ! 

Analyse packaging and INCI list 

So are organic cosmetics not certified by organic certification safe to use ? They still can be, if you know how to read the packaging on the product. 

Do you remember the concept "INCI" that we mentionned ? INCI is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, which means that the International Catalogue of Cosmetic Ingredients. Thereby, you can easily know what ingredients these cosmetics contain, if they are natural or not, organic or not and how high. 

A tip that is worth paying attention to, is to pay special attention to the first 6 components on this list as they represent 70% of the cosmetic mix. However, don't forget to loot at the end of the list to see what flavouring and preservatives are used by manufacturers to make cosmetics ! 

Quickly eliminate when encountering ingredients that cause insecurity 

The principle of organic cosmetics is to ensure the natural and pure nature of each ingredien in the product. If the cosmetics you are planning to buy contain names in the "red alert" list (See "INCI" for more details) don't take them. 

Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of ingredients 

After selecting cosmetic products that contain ingredients that are safe for health, the next step is to consider their prices and their origins to see if they are reasonable and reliable. Please choose to buy the product once you are truly satisfied. 

The final step is triying the to evaluate their quality and effectiveness. However, the same main component group is unlikely to equally effective. The reason lies in the quality (purity, purity origin) and concentration of materials. Even if the ingredients formulations and quality of materials are identical, there are still outstanding quality products thanks to the technolog, experience, and know ho of the manufacturer. 

Evaluating the effectiveness of a skin care product cannot be done overnight. When switching to a new cosmetic firm, the skin needs time to adapt. To evaluate wheter any product is effective, it should be applied continously and steadily for week or even months. At least, after a renewed cycle of skin (28 days), we can see some improvement. 

Finally, it should be understood that no matter how good a product is, it is not suitable for everyone because the skin type and location are very different. Cosmetics may be perfectly suited for a person but may also cause irritation for other subjects. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an allergy to a skin care product, whether it is organic or not. 


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