How to choose makeup removal in a sea of products?

You often choose a moisturizer for each skin type, but do you know there are many different types of makeup remover in order to suit different needs? In a sea of cosmetics firms with different forms of makeup removal, how to choose the most suitable for themselves? Zenboté will help you to more aware about the pros / cons of some common types. So you can make the best decision for yourself!

** Oily makeup remover **

This is the most popular type thanks to its ability to clean even thick and waterproof makeup layers, without much cleaning and without makeup remover inside.

Makeup remover oil is suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin. However, the thick layer of oil also clings to the skin, causing greasy shine, skin secretions and easy to cause acne, especially for oily skin. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant sensations on the skin, the oily skin should use a cleanser after the use of makeup remover oil. 

  **  Makeup removal milk **

This type has the most balanced Oil / water ratio with enough make-up ability. It removes sebum quite effectively, does not dry out the skin and often contains moist ingredients. As the right choice for all skin types, depending on your skin condition you can add a gentle cleaner step and that is enough.

But the makeup remover has a bit of a disadvantage: It will be a bit difficult if your make up layer is too thick or use long-lasting eyeshadow. Don't hesitate to use makeup remover again 2-3 times until you have no traces of makeup left.

**  Makeup-remover **

This is the thinnest form and contains the least oil, helping to clean without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. However, the ability to remove makeup of water form is quite limited. Because in water form, people often add other chemical detergents to increase the ability to remove makeup and add ALCOHOL to make preservatives - this can cause skin dryness and aging if used in the long term.

** Wet wips remover **


And one kind of extremely handy makeup remover is a clean, compact, easy-to-wear wet towel, but they have drawbacks: they contain alcohol, the most powerful and special detergent, can deepen the wrinkles by rubbing movements on the skin surface when cleaning.


As you can see, each type has advantages and disadvantages. It’s totally depending on your choice and your needs. But what would you do if you could: 

🍁 Clean your makeup, avoid the excess oil and deep dirt on skin

🍁 Nourish for soft, radiant skin

🍁 Enjoy the charming aroma of precious essential oils from Rosewood and Magnolia flowers 






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