Horsetail - The secret of magical beauty

Horsetail grass - this plant name sounds like a strange name to the oriental people but is an ancient medicine used many centuries ago by Westerners and is one of the oldest plants most in the world.

The story of horsetail

The horsetail has a scientific name, Equisetum arvensis, a plant from Europe and North America. As one of the rare plants that survived the dinosaur period, it is also considered a surviving fossil.


Thanks to the shape that looks like a ponytail, it was named so.

In early spring, horsetail grass grows almost like a bamboo shoot. When summer comes, the trunk becomes smaller, thinner, greener and has smaller branches. The green upper part of the grass is picked and used fresh.

Since ancient times, people in Greece and China have known to use horsetail grass as a medicine to stop bleeding, bandage wounds, cure infections, kidney stones. Today, science has shown that horsetail also has the ability to cure respiratory diseases, diabetes, increase resistance and help improve memory. A rich source of materials with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, horsetail is also extracted and widely used in the organic cosmetic industry.



Not only for healing, horsetail has now become one of the leading ingredients in skin and hair care products.

◼️ Anti-aging

Everyone knows that collagen and elastine are fibers that bind tissue in the skin layers, keeping the skin smooth and firm. But you also know that the ability to regenerate collagen and elastin decreases as you turn 30, your face starts to sag and wrinkles form faster. One of the reasons for slowing down this regeneration is that your body does not have enough Silica - a coenzyme that acts as a catalyst - to synthesize these proteins too. The addition of silica is the key to restoring the ability to synthesize and regenerate collagen & elastine, giving you firmer skin. The most abundant and available source of silica in nature is horsetail, you can find 7% of Silica available in this species.

The anti-aging effect of horsetail is also due to the powerful antioxidant ingredients such as saponins, flavonoids, tannins, caffeic acid esters, alkaloids, phytosterols, fatty acids, phenolic acids, glycosides, and aconitic acid. These ingredients help to limit the activity of free radicals, protect healthy skin cells and bring the spring age back to your skin.

◼️ Acne treatment

Having a sensitive skin that is easy to get acne is like walking on a thin glass, any changes in weather, diet, and rest are the causes of acne. Thanks to ingredients like tannins, saponins that are extremely potent antiseptic, antiseptic agents, horsetail is used as an ingredient in extremely effective natural acne medications. Inflammation, acne will be antiseptic, stop bleeding, increase white blood cells to fight inflammation, help skin recovery process after acne more quickly.

◼️ Hair loss treatment

Silice plays a very important role in the formation of proteins in hair, overcome weak, thin hair. Not to mention Flavonoids, sallicic acid and potassium are compounds in horsetail that also enhance blood circulation, control dandruff and minimize hair loss. So, it is not surprising that many hair products, also contain horsetail extract.


With outstanding effects, horsetail is used in many skin care products, especially products for oily, acne, sensitive skin and inflammation. You can find toner, cream, acne cream containing equisetum - that is horsetail. You may even find horseshoe-derived dietary supplements to supplement the body's silica to rejuvenate skin and hair from the inside.


It's hard to get horsetail when you're in Vietnam, but if you happen to get some tea from horsetail, you can use some of these beauty tips:

◼️ Are you suffering from spots ?
Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser and make a cup of grass tea. Take some clean cotton pads, dip them in the tea, and cover them with your face within 20-30 minutes. Horsetail grass will make the acne spots tighten, disinfect all the lesions, making the recovery process easier and faster. Let's do it twice a week, the rest of the tea will be drank and regular, you will see your skin turn markedly!

◼️ Are your nails broken after nailing?


You will need to rest your nails for a while to take care of them. A cup of warm horsetail tea to soak your 20 'hands, then use olive oil and lemon on your nails and fingertips and leave overnight. Do it continuously for 1 week, you will see your nails shiny, strong and grow firmly again.

Because of the great benefits it offers, Zenboté has horsetail as one of the main ingredients in its Hoba mineral exfoliating gel product.

Ultra-fine Hoba exfoliating gel rich in organic bamboo silica, brown rice extract and rosemary help completely remove dead cells and remnants of skin makeup, restore shiny skin, radiant and velvety feeling. 






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