Hero's Secret - Why is Hero a hero?

Hero is an intensive nurturing cream from the line subtlety. It presents a unique combination of the six most famous and precious essential oils from West to East. This confers to the cream an exceptional hydration virtue and skin regeneration.

Let's take a look at 6 famous oils - the ingredients that make up the magic for Hero.

**  Argan Oil **

Derived from Moroccan, argan oil reduces itchy irritation, moisturizes dry skin very well, and also helps to firm skin and limits the appearance of wrinkles.

**  Jojoba Oil **

The second type of oil in the 06 oils of the main Hero is jojoba oil from South America. Jojoba oil is famous for being the fastest permeable oil on the skin thanks to a similar structure to sebum of human skin. The main use of jojoba oil is to enhance skin elasticity and firmness.


 ** Hemp seed oil **

From East Asia and the same poppy family, hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil has an amazing moisturizing ability, helping to regenerate the moisturizing membrane. It also Improves skin texture, for a truly revitalized skin.

  **  Coco Caprylate **

Prepared from coconut oil and fortified with vegetable Silicone, this is a 100% natural alternative to silicone in cosmetics, providing a velvety and smooth skin.

** Olive oil **

Originating from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil moisturizes and softens the skin thanks to its outstanding vitamin E content. Many people believe olive oil is very heavy, but with a reasonable amount, Olive oil is an effective source of nutrition for skin regeneration.

** Sunflower seed oil **

From the Americas, sunflower seed oil in addition to moisturizing effect also has the ability to clean and remove dead cells naturally. The skin is clearly improved, clean and radiant.

Thanks to this "secret", HERO can nourish skin from deep inside, improve elasticity, erase signs of aging. Real skin revives. The sleek, smooth, radiant look of the long-lost spring of the lane is returning.

- Zenboté- 


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