Although, milk tea is a drink that people often mention. But recently, the name of herbal tea is appearing in the mouth of beauty addicts. What is particularity of this herbal tea ? Let’s find out together !

Herbal tea helps beautify the skin from inside Photo source: littlegreendot.com

** What are the different types of herbal tea? **

Black / green / white tea, all made from the leaves of tea bushes (Camellia sinensis). The color of tea is determined by the level of fermentation. In particular, green tea is the least fermented but contains higher antioxidants than the rest. Since all of these teas come from the same tree, they have the same chemical formula. They all contain caffeine, Tannin and antioxidants.

On the other hand, herbal teas do not come from tea bushes, but from their respective herbs. All come from different plants, with very different chemical formulas. Each type possesses a variety of unique activities, healing and medicinal features. Some help fight inflammation, or restore, stimulate, detoxify the body and relax. Herbal tea is the lightest and caffeine-free herb that makes them an excellent ally for health and beauty.

The basic skin beauty benefits of herbal tea

  1. Reduce acne

Burdock root is an important herb for acne, because it supports your liver detoxification function. Have you ever thought about what liver has to do with acne? One of the most common factors causing acne is hormonal imbalance. The liver breaks down hormones and toxins circulating in our bodies and releases toxins. If it does not work well, you will have too many hormones circulating in the body causing acne.


  1. Treatment of eczema

Liver-supporting herbs such as burdock and aspen help remove irritating toxins from your body. Combine these with nettle leaves (a natural antihistamine, rich in skin healing minerals), red clover (dialysis machine) and liquorice root, for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Melibu Anti-Aging Cream also contains burdock roots that help treat eczema


  1. Helps hair to be healthy

Want strong, health and shiny hair?  You need to provide a lot of minerals, namely iron and zinc. Dandelion leaves, burdock roots are especially rich in iron, while nettle leaves are herbs containing the two most abundant minerals. You can mix nettle leaves to use, they will help treat hair loss. Also, if you want to nourish your hair, you can also use rosemary.


  1. Reduce wrinkles

Centella, is the most anti-aging, rejuvenating herb for everyone. It is known as the "Youth Stream" and is thought to preserve the mind, as well as the body. How does it help us slow down the aging process? By stimulating collagen production. You will find cheeks as a main ingredient in your sister's facial treatments & lumpy treatment. 



  1. Reduce puffiness

Puffiness is often a symptom of poor circulation, or allergy, staying up late. Chamomile is a wonderful lymphatic circulation herb, and can be combined with a herbal diuretic, like dandelion leaf, to remove excess fluid.

In addition to beautifying from the inside with herbal tea, it is best to support the beauty of the outer skin. You should choose safe and benign organic natural products!







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