In the past, roses were considered "queens". In cosmetics, essential oils and rose water are extremely rare and expensive ingredients because of its anti-aging ability. Moreover, it takes 30 roses to distill a drop of essential oil. Today, Zenboté will take you to learn about the world of roses, especially rose water distillation!


Just 10g of dried roses + 200ml of boiling water, drinking regularly every day to replace tea will help the body fight against aging.  

What do you know about Damas roses?

Rose Damas is a hybrid of rose, brought from Greece to Europe in 1254 and grown in the city of Provins, France. Today, this flower grows wild in Syria, so the flower is named Damas, the capital of this country. 

Damas roses are small shrubs, live for many years, with crescent-shaped branches, flowers with light pink color, delicate wings. Plants are about 1.5 - 1.8 m high; flowering in the solar calendar in May and the second flowering in November.

Damas roses have a sweet, delicate aroma, and many beauty benefits should be very popular in perfume and cosmetics industry. 

** Process of preparing essential oils and rose distilled water **

The process of making rose oil is very delicate, difficult and never changed since the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. Right after harvest, rose petals are added to the water and heated in metal containers. big type. Steam rises with crystals containing aroma and therapeutic ingredients. The steam is cooled, condensed down to form a solution containing rose oil layer above and flower distilled water below. 

Do you know it takes 3,500 kilograms of petals to produce 1 liter of essential oil? This ingredient is extremely concentrated, so it must be diluted with base oil before applying directly to the skin. Premium natural skin care products also use rose water instead of regular water, rose oil instead of synthetic fragrance to increase the value and effectiveness of the product.


** Rose water – a misused name **

Rose water (toner): Made mainly from water, chemical components, especially containing alcohol, can be used to tighten pores. However, alcohol is a bad ingredient for the skin, making it more irritating.  

Flower water: Is pure water prepared with flower oil to form a fragrant solution. You know, essential oils are insoluble in water, so for flower water, manufacturers often have to add some soluble additives to have a homogeneous solution. These conductors may vary slightly in the properties of rose water aromatherapy essential oils, while the essential oils are very low, so the use of this water is very small, and of course the price is low. 

Rose distilled water (rose hydrosol): Is the product of the process of distilling rose petals. Water distilled flowers carry in them the aroma and therapeutic molecules of essential oils but at lower concentrations. Hydrosol solution is completely pure and natural, elaborate production process should cost more. 

Rose water distillation - Spirit medicine for skin 

** Use of rose distilled water ** 

An easy-to-see fact, your skin is weak and aging faster due to exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays, by using products that contain harsh chemicals, stress, and lifestyle. healthy and polluted.

Rose water supports a lot of skin problems:

☘️With its high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals, slow down the aging process, especially effective in flattening wrinkles. 

☘️Rose water contains many nutritious ingredients, soothes and moisturizes all skin types. 

☘️Rose water has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and has the ability to tighten pores, so it is especially good for acne skin.  

☘️ Luxurious natural fragrance of rose water creates a refreshing feeling for people and surroundings when used. 

Rose water distillation is a precious ingredient in beauty. Hopefully, through this article, you have more profound knowledge to be able to choose high quality rose water products and make the best use of it in your beauty. 

🍁 Reference products: 
Besides rose water, aloe juice is also an important component in organic skin care. Gentle balance water for Chama's skin of Zenboté is made on aloe Vera juice and hazelnut juice - can help stabilize and balance the physiological pH, strengthen the skin's natural protective film, tighten pores, cleansing and cooling the skin, making it easy to penetrate the next skincare products. 



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