Among all the body parts, perhaps the eyes are the most special part, because it is the only part that expresses a child's emotions, moods, and even the mental state. Also, do you know the eye is the most intense working part? To keep a beautiful eye, a youthful look, I must think of eye cream. But is eye cream necessary and how effective is it?


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  1. What is the difference between facial skin and skin?

☘️ The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than your face. That means it is much more sensitive, so it also wrinkles and dries faster. Eyes are very vulnerable to adverse impacts from the environment such as strong winds, UV rays, dirt, etc.

☘️ Eye skin is not moisturized much thanks to natural lubricants, which bring a healthy and smooth appearance.

☘️ Eyes work continuously so skin is slack and loose. Don't forget, every day you blink about 10,000 times, then you laugh, frown, cry or squint. All with eyes!

As we age, the skin begins to weaken in structure. Collagen is broken slowly, causing sagging and wrinkles, elasticity disappears quickly. The skin of the eye is supported weakly from the muscles and the surrounding bone, so it gets older quickly.

2. What is the difference between eye contour cream and facial cream?

☘️ Many people wonder if facial moisturizers can replace eye creams? The answer is optional. Moisturizers that do not contain ingredients that can irritate the eyes, are lightweight, easy to absorb, do not need a lot of massage to cause lethargy, and have a high concentration of active ingredients that can be used eye area.

In fact, eye cream is always elaborated, to provide a clear anti-aging benefit but still respect the sensitive nature of the eye area. The formula must ensure eye skin is effectively nourished but minimizes the possibility of irritation.

☘️ All excellent eye creams will include powerful antioxidants, which are important to avoid rapid aging such as Vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, Retinol, ferulic acid, mica, or ingredients Nature like green tea, coffee, etc. 

Essence of Vitamin C is an important ingredient to help reduce wrinkles and brighten the skin in eye cream

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Reference products: Pingin Multi-purpose Serum Serum of Zenboté contains vitamin C concentrate to help brighten skin, anti-aging. Specially helps to earse dark circles effectively. 

source: Zenboté

3. When to start applying eye cream and applying it?

When it comes to skin care, the sooner it will be the better because the preventive effect is always higher than the cure. Most people start using eye creams at the age of 30 when they begin to notice obvious wrinkles around their eyes. But in fact, even before you see a wrinkle, the eye skin needs to be nourished. Should start early, from the age of 20. 

If you want to achieve high effectiveness in taking care of this skin, you should find a special eye cream bottle, used every night. Also, don't forget to protect this area with sunglasses and apply sunscreen!Reference products: Canadian organic skin care set of Zenboté. Gives users a truly nourished and healthy skin every day. 

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