"Beautiful" - has been considered for a long time as the destination of so many generations of women in the process of perfecting themselves. In addition to daily steps of skin care at home, women come to the spa periodically for intensive skin care, to achieve outstanding results. In massage methods at the Western spa, there is a very famous form called "Energetic Fascia Massage", or "deep tissue massage" or "massage connective tissue". So, what's this special massage method that is so popular?


The fascia massage combines physical and psychological therapy, giving radiant skin from the inside

** What is connective tissue massage? **

The connective tissue (also called fascia) is a subcutaneous thin film mainly made of collagen fibers that connects, encapsulates and supports the body's internal tissues. The connective tissue and the continuous adjustment according to our physical and psychological activities. Under the influence of stress or fatigue, connective tissue loses flexibility and natural movement ability. The slowing down of connective tissue cells results in poor recovery of the skin, and the skin's resistance to external effects also decreases.

Joint tissue massage (EFM), based on Fascia therapy, was created in 1980 by a French physiotherapist named Danis Bois, in fact a facial sensory technique based on click. Activating connective tissue with special strokes and strokes. Moreover, by focusing on strategic points to revitalize the body, this technique allows for a harmonious energy circulation throughout the body, manifested through youthful, fresh, supple skin. and radiant.


** Techniques for massaging connective tissue **


Deep tissue massage techniques begin by identifying areas of rigid skin, then use day movements, extremely gentle and slow to create continuous rest periods to release stress. and stimulates restart of connective tissue movement. The natural physiological activity of the skin also revives.

Deep tissue massage is popular in Western spas Photo source: Nnoeki - Pixabay.com

** Benefits of connective tissue massage for skin and beauty **

The connective tissue massage method is a special therapeutic course that brings a complete relaxation moment from inside to outside, from every skin cell to the whole body and mind, in accordance with the spirit of beauty meditation. . This technique restores deep skin by activating skin cells, while improving blood circulation under the skin, thus helping:

  • Soothing rosacea (rosacea)
  • Promotes the healing process of acne and other skin lesions
  • Brightens skin • Improve skin elasticity and softness
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps skin absorb well care products
  • Enhance and stabilize the underlying internal energy of the skin

The massage method of Fascia is not yet popular in Vietnam, and the technique performed correctly is not simple, but it is considered one of the most popular massage forms in many countries around the world. Look for reputable spas that can perform this massage and feel the change of skin and body. In addition, combining massage with skin care with safe, benign organic products is the perfect path for a healthy skin and a long-term fresh soul. 






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