ESSENCE, SERUM, AMPOULE, TONER Learn how to distinguish them

Skin care process is becoming more and more complicated with a series of new products especially anti-aging skin care group. You can be lost between a toner, a milky lotion, a lotion, a serum, an ampoule, a cream etc. Hence, which ones are important and how to use them correctly? Don't worry, Zenboté will help you quickly distinguish and accurately evaluate the use of each product

Essence, serum, toner, ampoule are the products that get mixed up or get mixed up by women Image source: xaviervandeputte0 -







 texture like water

 The main ingredient is water or vegetable distilled water. Are added ingredients of colour, fragrances and astringent substances such as alcohol or hazelnut water.

  • Deep cleaning
  • Balance skin pH
  • Tighten pores
  • Gently moisturize


-  Apply immediately after cleansing skin

 - Depending on the structure and utility, use toner:

• With a multi-component toner: pour on your hands and pat the skin until completely absorbed.

• With cleansing toner: Use a toner to clean toner on skin.

Essence (Milky lotion)

Moderate liquid texture, thicker than toner and more liquid than serum In addition to water / vegetable distilled water, it contains many ingredients that provide moisture and nutrients to the skin such as acids, natural extracts.


  • Balance skin pH
  • Moisture supply Nourish and treat skin
  • Prepare the skin for easy absorption of subsequent conditioning products

- Used immediately after washing your face, or after the Toner step if available

- Put a few drops in your palm and gently apply essence all over your face until fully absorbed.


Often more dense texture than balm, similar to massage oils, designed to be more easily absorbed into the skin than balm Contains special active ingredients

  • Moisturize and prevent skin aging
  • Contains active ingredients to overcome the blemishes of acne, wrinkles, melasma, and some other special treatment 

Used after finishing the cleaning process and preparing the skin (after the toner and essence step)


Liquid texture but usually thicker than serum Contains a lot of special nutrients

  • Deep nourishes the skin
  • Improve skin problems quickly
  • - After cleansing steps (cleanser and toner), before essence, serum and lotion

- There are 2 ways to use:

 • Daily use

• Use according to the cure


Skin care process is becoming more and more complicated. But once you understand the principles and use of the products, the form of use of each product, surely you will not be confused. Besides, don't forget, the most important is the quality. Although few products but good quality is still more useful than products that are of poor quality. Try to prioritize natural products, if organic, the better, to ensure a long-term good result for the skin.

Refer to Zenboté products:

🍁 Chama balanced skin toner: Made on aloe vera and hazelnut water, with many other moisturizing ingredients, Chama is both essence, and also a toner to help moisturize, balance, tighten pores and Good osmosis support products later.

🍁 Pingin Multi-purpose Serum Serum: With the composition of vitamin C concentrate combined with "sugar coating" technology, Pingin is a reliable companion in the process of anti-aging and lightening your skin.


Pingin Serum - A nutritious cocktail for the skin




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