For dry skin, the name may be quite strange for beauty believers, but this method has appeared for a long time and is increasingly popular in the world. In some places, this method is applied to the skin care process in the spa thanks to the ability to support the operation of the lymphatic system and natural exfoliation. Join Zenboté to learn more about this exciting skin care method!


With just a nice little brush and a bit of body oil, you can easily do dry brushing Photo source: TesaPhotography - Pixabay.com

** What is dry brushing method? **

Accurate dry comb is an ancient nutritional method derived from Indian folk medicine. Dry brushing is done by using a soft and dry brush to rub the body in the direction of the heart (starting from the feet and hands, brushing towards the chest).

** Benefits of dry brushing **

1. Support circulation of lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a major part of the immune system, helping the body eliminate toxins. It is made up of lymphatic organs including lymph nodes, lymph nodes / lymphatic vessels that transport lymph throughout the body. Dry brushing is thought to be able to stimulate lymphatic flow in the body, thereby stimulating natural and effective elimination of toxins.

2. Remove dead skin

This benefit is easily noticed in the first time using the dry brush method. The process of running a brush on the skin helps soften the dead skin layers and removes them naturally. The result is much less dry and soft skin after a few days to several weeks from the start. 

3. Clean and shrink pores

In addition to dead cells, dry combs also help clean excess oil, dirt and debris deep in pores, making them airier and tighter over time, and the skin is smoother.

Have a soft skin and perform daily dry skin brushing method

4. Reducing skin lumpiness (Cellulite)

The skin is also called "orange peel skin" formed because the subcutaneous fat tissue bulges and emerges, creating unevenness on the surface of the skin, very aesthetic. Brushing dry skin helps soften these adipose tissues, dispersing them evenly. This also makes it easier to remove them. 

Source: Pixabay

5. Stimulates blood circulation under the skin

Like massage movements, dry brush stimulates blood circulation under the skin, helps skin firm, and healthy. 

** How to implement dry brushing method **

Dry brushing can be done daily on the entire body, preferably in the morning before taking a bath.

Note: Always brush toward the center of the body, especially on the heart.

• Brush long, smooth lines constantly starting from the foot, then gradually to the calf and the entire thigh. Brush each part of skin about 10 times.

• Repeat the same process with the arm, starting with the palm and brushing the arm toward the heart. Repeat about 10 times.

• Separate the abdomen and armpits, brush the circle clockwise.

• Repeat smooth, regular long lines on your back, toward the heart.

• Finally, use a softer brush to brush your face, toward the center, the nose area

source: Pixabay

• Avoid using a hard brush. Should use the type with soft and smooth hair. The skin may be pinkish after brushing, but never leave the skin scratched with tiny red marks.

• If you brush it dry and it hurts a bit, reduce the brushing force

• Should be brushed before bathing

• Use moisturizer after brushing and bathing

• Replace brushes every 6-12 months, make sure the brush is not worn, is ineffective

• Wash the brush every few weeks with shampoo to remove dead skin cells from the hair 

Dry comb is a method that is loved by the West because of its simple, inexpensive and beneficial benefits for all ages and subjects. Not surprisingly, this method is used in prestigious spas to support the massage process that leads the lymphatic system and body scrubs. So why not try it at home and wait for the results after a period of implementation? 

Just like after exfoliating and cleansing your skin, you should choose high quality nursing products to take care of, help promote and maintain maximum use of the previous steps. Priority to select products of organic origin that are safe, benign and effective.

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