Do you know how to use toner effectively

A well-balanced toner - often called "Rose water", is well-known. But why do we need to use toners and how to use toners correctly and effectively ? Not everyone knows.

Why we should not skip the toner step?

Many girls often skip the Toner step because they think they don't have any special effects, but that is because you don't really understand the use of toner.

Skin balance: Toner can have many functions, but the most important function is skin balance after cleansing. Even benign cleansers have a pH higher than the balanced pH of the skin to remove dirt but by doing that they also may stimulate the skin to rebalance by producing more oil, thereby causing should cause irritation and pimples. It is the duty of the Toner to protect the skin from this self-defense reaction.



Deep cleansing: The skin may not be totally clean after the cleanser step.To complete the cycle of cleaning the best and safest way, is the use of toner which helps cleanse the skin deeper, and limits the factors causing acne to the skin.


Tighten pores: a cleansed skin needs to "close" with dirt in the environment and Toner can help you with this. We tell you a little trick, you should use the type of toner extracted from witch hazels - a natural tightening material for Europe's pores.


Moisture supply: Thanks to the main component of water, Toner has the ability to lightly moisten and soften the horn cell layer, which is very thick on the skin, helping the skin to be ready to receive nutrients from nurturing products and help them promote maximum effect.


  1. How to use Toner properly?

The correct usage of Toner is BEYOND the cleaning steps such as makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliation and mask removal and BEFORE using nurturing products (serum, lotion, conditioner). . Make sure the toner is completely dry on your skin, before using the next product!


To spread the toner on the skin, there are the following ways depending on the intended use:

  • Spray Toner off cotton and wipe it evenly over skin. With this way, Toner will help deep clean, especially for oily skin, helping to sweep away the excess oil gently without causing discomfort.
  • Spray mist all over your face and pat. This method of dry skin should be used because Toner will provide more moisture, helping skin not dehydrate.
  • You can also pour toners into your hands and then pat them on the face to help your skin feel the cool water, but it will be quite expensive and sometimes cause greasy feeling on the skin.


You can also use a Toner to apply a mask to the skin by using a cotton pad soaked in Toner and apply it to the skin for about 10 minutes. This provides instant moisture and nutrition for your skin, instantly giving you a healthy shiny skin. A very important note only use this method if the product does not contain alcohol, a natural, safe ingredient.


  1. Experience choosing Toner

On the market today there are many water balance products Toner but generally only 2 main types: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Which option for your skin?


See the experience of choosing the following Toner to make the right decision for you:

  • Alcohol is a common ingredient, they evaporate quickly to make skin dry, the feeling of pores shrinking, thus becoming an option for you to use oily skin. In the beginning of use, you will see dry skin, slightly abrasive skin, smoother skin, but these quick benefits leave behind the consequences that all skin functions will be impaired. Weak: dry skin, fast erosive, easy to irritate, easy to infect So prioritize non-alcoholic toners, colorants, and chemical smells to avoid skin damage.
  • Priority to choose natural 100% Toner, based on vegetable juice / distillation such as aloe vera, rose, lavender, hazelnut, etc., with addition of plant extracts, glycerin and Nutrition ingredients for other skin. You can consult the line of organic skincare to find this benefit from toners.
  • Last experience is to choose Toner according to the needs of the skin, depending on the specific functions of each type and their ingredient formulation. For example, hazelnut juice will suit you with oily skin, Aloe juice is suitable for those who have dry skin to add moisture, lavender extract to help you antibacterial with acne spots ...


If you are a woman who is interested in skin care, you must have been able to give yourself some useful ways to use toners.

Don't forget to choose a good, safe toner for your skin care process. You can consult organic balance water from Canada - Zenboté - which has been certified to the highest standard Ecocert Cosmos Organic. Made from aloe vera juice and hazelnut juice suitable for all skin types, alcohol-free and German Chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum extracts, Toner Chama offers a balanced, moisturizing skin ready for the reception nutrients then.


- Zenboté- 


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