Combination skin needs more time and energy than you think!

A lot of persons have combination skin (oily on the T zone, and dry to normal on the other parts). It is not a complicated process but, mixed skin care takes more time and care. Do you know how to take care of your complex skin?


Hence, on your face you have two different skin types. How to take care of your skin correctly?

But first you need to know if your skin is mixed. After washing your face, leave your face completely dry without using any product for 1 hour, use oil-based paper and determine which areas are oily. If your skin is mixed, then the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) will be the most oily.

So what is the right and effective skin care regimen?

** THE CTM PROCESS (Cleansing - Toning - Moisturing) **

This means including skin care steps like cleansing - toner - moisturizing. Honestly, this is the process that you need to respect the order to help the combination skin having the most stability. This requires you to have these 3 steps, just 1-2 months of correct adjustment, most of your skin problems will improve markedly.

** Stop using soap to wash your face**

A powerful soap cleanser will help the oily skin feel airy and less oily but will make the dry skin become very dry and may also irritate your skin. A gentle cleanser and natural cleansers like Decyl Glucoside or Coco Glucoside will be the optimal choice for you. The two compounds are actually a combination of fatty coconut and corn starch.

☘️ Reference products:

◼️ Mavo multi-purpose cleansing milk - Combining the essence between avocado and tangerine fruit ingredients, helps to harmonize the excess oil of the skin, while still promoting the skin's moisturizing effect.

◼️ Soft foaming cleanser Jasberry: Contains ingredients of jasmine and cranberry, aloe vera juice, Decyl Glucoside helps to clean the skin gently but keeps the skin moisturized.


** Do not skip the Toner step **
Toner is a must in everyone's skin care regime, especially for people with mixed skin. This is the second step in the CTM process, which helps deep clean, balance pH after the cleanser for your skin and helps shrink pores. Using toner is also considered a perfect step to clean up. In addition, toner also helps you easily absorb nutrients from other nursing products


☘️ Reference products:

◼️ Chama Skin Balancing Toner - organic products are extracted from the beneficial ingredients for your combination skin such as: aloe juice (soft skin, moisturizing skin and tighten pores), German chrysanthemum (soothing skin), magnolia (anti-aging skin)

** Supply and moisturize mixed skin ** 

That's right, mixed skin also needs to supply and keep its hydration. Do not, because the skin is sometimes too oily, skip the moisturizing step - this is a classic mistake. The key is to choose a balancing cream between moisturizing enough dry area and not making secret for oily areas. In this case a gel or cream-gel cream is the right choice. To add nutrients, a thicker cream used at night, can also be used as an anti-aging cream is a bonus step!

☘️ Reference products:

◼️ Copa harmonizing silky soft cream on the skin: With the combination of coconut oil and chamomile ingredients, it helps balance between skin areas with special features that supply dry and alkaline areas for oily skin. . The fragrance of familiar lavender essential oil helps you feel relaxed.

Mel Melibu anti-aging cream: Includes lemon balm ingredients, burdock root extract, .. Melibu helps moisturize the skin and prevent aging effectively.

** Exfoliation ** 

Did you know that exfoliation is a prerequisite for removing whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin, and helps skin increase blood circulation and being healthy. Furthermore, exfoliation also helps to clear and clean pores, help skin breathe and absorb nutrients from easier care steps. Therefore, for mixed oil-rich T-skin, pay special attention not to skip this step. Every week you should exfoliate 1-2 times!

Don't touch your face:This action is a habit of many persons, touching the face unconsciously. The fact that your hands contain a lot of bacteria that can cause skin infections. Touching your face, grinding, and squeezing also causes pores to expand - this will lead to a lot of skin problems.
The steps above will be useful information for you, but for you to always learn about your skin problems and find appropriate care methods. Make a suitable, healthy and balanced diet menu that includes vegetables, fruits, cereals, vegetables, eggs, fish, dairy products, etc. Drink plenty of water or fruit juice and vegetable soup. Always use products that are suitable for your skin type, choose safety and quality


- Zenboté- 



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