Society is growing, people are busy running after life. So, for beauty, modern women always want to find convenient things. But unfortunately, few people know the difference between the good and the bad industries.

A typical example is the makeup removal. Do you really know how to choose the right product and the most suitable for your skin?


The cleansing wipes to remove the makeup – THE HERO FOR THE BUSY GIRLS !

Makeup cleansers have exactly the same materials and designs as cleansing wipes, but instead of being soaked with perfumes for cleaning, they are "soaked" in makeup remover water.


** Benefits of wet makeup remover **

✅ Clean dirt, sebum, dead skin cells on the skin and makeup layers quickly and easily.  

✅ Very convenient when camping, exercising or traveling  

✅ In addition, there are additional uses such as: Cleaning makeup tools, lipstick spots on clothes or keeping eye shadow shimmering and lasting longer.


 ** Harm of cleansing wipes to remove makeup **


1. Not enough cleaning ability:

Makeup wipes contain cleaning agents that can remove some of the stains, excess oil and make-up layers on your face, but they don't remove everything because of the last step of washing off with water. So, if you use them regularly, dirt layers that remain on your skin can clog pores leading to acne.

2. Dry, irritate skin:

Makeup remover towels contain a concentrated amount of detergent and alcohol preservatives. Applying to your face without being diluted with water can cause your skin to become dry and irritated.


3. Moisturizer causing greasy dirt and bacteria:

To cover the skin dryness, the company adds moisturizing ingredients to wet towels. Insoluble in water, these ingredients form a sticky film on the skin, attracting germs and dirt, increasing the risk of acne.


4. Causing premature aging:

The majority of the market of makeup wipes are usually made of synthetic fibers. They are quite rough to the skin, especially sensitive skin. The rubbing action on the face makes the skin resistant to friction, vulnerability and inflammation, and stimulates the appearance of wrinkles.


Hence, do not using too often.  Use a proper makeup remover

 Avoid the following components

  • Chemical preservatives: Because of containing water, wipes always need a high amount of preservatives. Avoid potential substances that may cause hormonal irritation or disorders such as 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, paraben, phenoxyethanol, etc.


  • Strong detergents such as soap, sulfate: Makeup remover wipes require direct contact skin with high concentration cleaning ingredients. Avoid these ingredients if you don't want to dry and burn your  skin.


  • Flavours: Avoid coloring ingredients, synthetic odors (fragrances), things that easily irritate your skin.

2. Choose a wipe to remove makeup by skin type:

In general, oily skin is more suitable for a makeup remover than dry skin. Sensitive skin should be especially careful when used. Acne skin should also be restricted because the deep cleansing of the makeup remover can make acne worse.

When choosing a towel, prioritize products that are short, simple, concentrated in mild detergents (such as Decyl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, etc.), moisturizing and softening ingredients such as aloe, panthenol or glycerin . Priority of natural preservation ingredients. If possible, choose an organic certified product.

Note when using a makeup remover:

Do not use a regular makeup remover on your skin. In any case, wash your face with water or a cleanser after using a makeup remover, unless you are too tired to clean with water and in really busy situations such as travels etc.


In short, the cleansing wipe is a friend when we are busy but is an enemy if used to often. Classic cleaning methods with water and high quality cleaning products are always the best choice.

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