Washing your face is the first step in the skincare process, which is also a prerequisite for preparing the next steps in your skincare cycle. Surely you know how important it is to wash your face, but are you sure you have the proper habits?

Face wash is the fundamental but extremely important step of every skin care process

** Should I use hot water or cold water to wash my face? **

Some people believe that cold water will firm the skin and slow down the aging process. While others say hot water will open pores and soften dead skin cells. But in fact, hot water will dilate blood vessels, leading to redness of the skin. In addition, hot water also makes the skin layer under the skin quickly disappear and make the skin dry and speed up aging. Conversely, when washing your face with cold water, it will constrict the skin under the skin and cause irritation rater than tightening pores.  

Therefore, it is best to wash your face with warm water both winter and summer. When washing your face with warm water, pores and blood vessels are moderate. Warm water helps clean up dirt, remove oil naturally, softer skin. If you don't get too much contact with dirt, don't wash your face too often. 

Using warm water to wash your face will work best for your skin 

** Learn about your skin type ** 

Leslie Baumann, MD, a dermatologist and founder of the Institute of Cosmetic Research at the University of Miami, said: "I have found that most women guess their skin type is inaccurate, that means As they can misuse the skin cleansing products, Baumann stresses that the best way to know what kind of skin you go to a dermatologist diagnoses your skin type, but Baumann adds that you can be read from the following simple check:

☘️ Wash your face with 10 drops of warm water, then pat dry and wait 45 minutes. If your face feels stretched it shows that your skin belongs to dry skin. If your oil spills all over your face and looks a bit shiny, it will be oily. But if there's only the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone) - shiny, you can have mixed skin. And when you see that your skin is irritable, it usually means it's sensitive skin. 

 ** Use a cleanser that suits your skin type **

☘️ Oily skin / acne skin: Prefer the available foam or gel cleanser, combine gentle massage movements to remove excess lubricant. Absolutely keep away from soaps, they will break the oil level and pH balance on your skin. The external expression for you to identify the main type of facial cleanser is dry, tight and sometimes burning skin. 

Soft foaming cleanser Jasberry using Decyl glucoside - extracted from fatty alcohol of coconut and corn starch as a natural skin-safe cleanser 

☘️Dry skin: Dry skin often brings discomfort, tightness and sometimes flaking red scales. So, when choosing the wrong cleanser, dry skin is more vulnerable than other skin types. The best option for dry skin is cream or milk cleanser with moisturizing ingredients such as essential oil extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Lauric Acid, Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, ... Your skin is still cleansed but does not lose natural moisture.

🍁 Product reference: Mavo multipurpose cleansing milk 

** Use a wipe For nights **

when you're too tired and don't have time to wash your face, keep a pre-moistened face towel on the bedside table. It will help you clean up almost as a normal cleanser to remove dirt before going to bed. 

** Cleaning steps **

☘️ Wash your face twice a day in the morning right after you wake up and before going to bed. In addition, when walking in the sun or going to the gym, patting cool water on the skin is the most effective method to clean and soothe the skin.

🍁 Product reference: Jasberry soft foam cleanser Use makeup remover milk with natural extracts that are safe for skin to remove dirt, excess oil and makeup for deeper cleansing.

🍁 Product reference: Mavo multipurpose cleansing milk

☘️ Remove dead cells once or twice a week to remove old cells from the skin, giving you a bright, glowing skin. 

Product reference:

As a woman, a fresh look not only helps you look more beautiful but also makes you feel much more confident. Therefore, no matter how busy and tired you are, never forget to take the time to clean your skin




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