clay mask, do you use it properly?

If you are a lover of clay masks to cleanse the impurities and oil, remove toxins and shrink pores, pocket these tips by Shalini Vadhera expert:

One of the most common mistakes that people make is applying a clay mask and leave the mask too long on the skin. Don't ever make this mistake. If you leave it on your skin for too long, when the clay is dry and hard, it can clean up the moisture in the skin, causing your skin to lose moisture, making the skin dry and pimple.  

Instead, if you put on a steam room mask, this is a good tip to make the clay dry longer. The filling time will be extended, the mask will maximize the effect of deep cleansing of the skin. But no matter what, don't forget to clean your face when the clay starts to harden! 

In addition to the above errors, there is also a mistake that many people commit that is to make too many masks in the week. You assume that the clay mask helps the skin wrap away dirt and make the skin cleaner, so every day after returning home when the skin has been in contact with dozens of dusts you wear a clay mask.  If you don't want your skin to dry and flake off, stop abusing of too many clay masks. Never use a clay mask more than 3 times a week and only once a week if you have dry skin.

Master these basic principles, it will be very useful for you! ·         Deeply purify the skin with white clay and extract coffee ·         Or nourish skin with red algae and aloe juice ·         Restore the skin's freshness, slickness with green tea, horsetail grass and brown rice 


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