Your kitchen contains lots of interesting things! It is not only a place to create delicious meals for families, but also a place where you can find a beauty salon. Even vegetable oil - what you think only for fried food carries a lot of beauty benefits.

Out of makeup removal?

Makeup remover is a job that requires carefulness and diligence, and so Zenboté still recommends using specialized makeup remover products, with the standard formula for each skin type. But we also propose a solution of emergency: vegetable oil!  

Olive oil is the best choice to help you clean your makeup, even with non-drifting mascara layers.

  • Take 1/2 small teaspoon olive oil slowly massage on your face with circular movements
  • Use a clean towel dipped in hot water, then apply it to your face until it cools
  • Clean skin

Exceptionally high oleic olive oil will help you clean up your makeup, while helping your skin feel soft and smooth after washing.

A few notes:

• With superior levels of oleic acid, olive oil is suitable for dry and mixed skin over oily skin. So, if you have oily skin, make sure you wash off olive oil all over your skin to prevent clogging your pores! Otherwise, oily skin can choose sunflower oil or jojoba oil (slightly expensive) to remove makeup, which will be very appropriate

  • Very sensitive facial skin. Therefore, you should only use vegetable oils in general and olive the pure type, cold pressed to take care of the skin only!

Zenbote is pleased to introduce you the smooth and versatile Mavo superficial cleanser, rich in precious nutrients such as aloe juice, shea butter, avocado oil to help remove makeup gently and effectively. fruits, while nourishing deep inside, giving skin a refreshing, soft and radiant appearance. The subtle aroma of the essential oil Western eucalyptus dotted with Oriental Magnolia gives a feeling of relaxation and fullness. Mild and nutritious formula allows the use of milk as a unique 4-in-1 multi-purpose product: Makeup remover milk, facial cleanser, facial mask and night cream.


Refer now: MAVO- VELVETY MAKEUP REMOVAL  Long and curved eyelashes?  

No need to connect lashes or curls, you just need a little olive oil, cold pressed coconut oil or better:  jojoba or rosehip oil. These are all very nutritious vegetable oils, which stimulate the growth of hair.

The method is very simple: Every night, take a small cotton swab with a little oil (or oil on your eyelash) and brush it evenly on the lashes. Leave overnight. Next morning, remember to clean your face!

Don't forget to take a picture again after 2 weeks, you'll find it amazingly effective!


Do you have coffee for breakfast? Don't throw away the coffee, keep it for the perfect 15 'relax in the bathroom!

Mix the coffee with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, add some warm water - so you've got a good exfoliating mixture! While the coffee residue cleans dead skin cells with friction, immediately, olive oil and fatty acids, fresh vitamins will keep your skin in a concentrated nutrient, helping your skin to be soft and smooth.

Don't forget to rinse with warm water to clean off excess oil on your skin after exfoliation

*** If this morning you have no coffee, you can use brown sugar to replace coffee grounds in exfoliation!


Seasonal climate, the air becomes dry, cold, windy?

Does your moisturizer bring you enough hydration?

 Did you neglect skin care for a while, causing your skin to become dry?

Simply put a few drops of vegetable oil into your hands and apply the oil onto your skin before applying any cream. Use it for several consecutive days and you will see a different moisturizing effect. The oils available and easily found can be used immediately including: olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil. However, if possible, buy yourself a small bottle of higher quality oils such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil or rosehip oil. These are oils that contain very high levels of antioxidants, superior moisturizing and special effects that do not clog pores. So, you can use it for a long time without worrying about acne!

Is your cream too thick?

Summer is here but your winter cream jar still exists?

Do not remove the cream from the jar and do not need to endure the thick cream anymore!  You can still use it very effectively!

Put some drops of vegetable distilled water, or simply a toner as CHAMA and mix with your cream. You will find the cream thinner and easier to absorb.

If your skin is too dry, you can also use a cotton pad, spray gently balancing Toner with Chama and apply as a mask for about 3 minutes, then apply cream. You will be surprised by the results!

I wish you a good day and don't forget to beautify!  

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- Zenboté - 


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