Beauty tips with Olive Oil

One tablespoon olive oil a day will help us extend life but Olive oil is not just for salad dressing ...

Olive oil is famous for its delicious and healthy Western dishes but is also a very popular ingredient in beauty products. Join Zenboté to discover ways to beautify with Olive oil!

Which olive oil is good?

Olive trees were first found in Asia Minor countries and transmitted from Iran, Syria, and Palestine to the Mediterranean basin about 6000 years ago. Olive trees are one of the oldest known plants, planted before the invention of ancient writing by the ancients.For Greeks, Oliu means "good, light, food, medicine and perfume". Oliu is also a gift chosen by the goddess Athena to bring to Greece, making Oliu an indispensable material in the life of this country.


To make olive oil, we have common ways such as:

  • The industrial method (hot pressing) is performed at a temperature of 250 degrees C. For maximum efficiency, a solvent is added to make the oil more soluble. The resulting oil will then be decolorized, deodorized and removed from the solvent to obtain the finished product with transparent and light white color, almost odorless. The disadvantage of this way is to lose most of vitamin E and antioxidants in the oil, not to mention the remaining impurities of the solvent cannot be separated.
• Cold pressing method - the type considered the most advanced to produce virgin / extra virgin oil. The oil is pressed with a centrifuge at a temperature not exceeding 50 ° C, do not use solvents, water or enzymes to speed up the pressing process. Cold pressed oil retains all the flavor, aroma and taste of the olive.

** Beautify with Olive oil **

Olive oil is like its name - a gift of life given by fatty acid components, vitamins E, A, K, .. And many trace minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron , ... brings us great beauty benefits.


Moisturizes the skin

High in fatty acids and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Olive oil is an excellent source of skin moisture. In addition, vitamin A also helps anti-inflammatory for skin very well. This is considered a savior for dry, flaky skin to help you find a smooth skin.


Against aging:

Vitamin E in olive oil protects skin tissue from oxidation. At the same time, protecting the fibroblast fibers in the skin, the precursor of the constituent components of collagen, promotes the production of collagen to create elasticity for the skin and prevent aging.


Reduce wrinkles

Thanks to the ingredients to protect and restore olive oil cells, it helps to blur wrinkles effectively. Especially in the areas of puffiness, the eyes contour, the corners of the mouth and the place where many wrinkles appear. Just gently massage olive oil to make vitamin E penetrates the skin.  You will be surprised with the olive oil results. Acne prevention and treatment:. When applied to the skin, olive oil acts as a natural antimicrobial agent, which can cleanse the skin and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria, removing dead skin cells and other toxins from clogging pores, helps skin surface to be clear. Hence it helps to treat acne and prevent acne very well.Thanks to the distinctive beauty effects, olive oil is used by specialty cosmetics companies for products such as moisturizers for dry skin, makeup remover products or skin bleaching products. death. To find out if your product has olive oil, try it out in the ingredient "Olea Europea"! And be sure to be extra virgin cold pressed oil. 


** Tips to beautify with olive oil **

1. Exfoliation

Olive oil has an extremely effective body scrub. This type of "exfoliation" contains absolutely no chemicals. Just combine 3 tablespoons olive oil + 1 lemon + 3 cucumbers. Don't forget to spin the cucumber when combined with the above ingredients. Just take 2-3 times a week to bring the best results to the skin.

2. White bath with olive oil:
Want to bathe your skin with olive oil, choose Extra Virgin - pure unprocessed. You can take a white bath every day with olive oil, mix them with the shower gel into a small cup and bathe as usual. But to achieve optimal results, you should bathe and exfoliate with sea salt first. Just persistently apply this formula to the second week, your skin will be much brighter and smoother.

3. Deep acne treatment with olive oil:

If the skin has acne problems, let olive oil help you solve them. By the following way: take 1 tablespoon olive oil into the bowl, add 1/2 spoon of turmeric powder, mix well to get a smooth match. Clean the skin and dry it, then apply this mixture on the spot, gently massage and relax for about 15 minutes then rinse with cool water. Perform regularly 3 times a week, you will see dark spots after blemishes fade and your skin is completely white.

Some notes about olive oil use

Oilve oil on the market currently has 4 types: Extra Virgin, Virgin, Pure, Extra Light / Lite or Pomace. If you use it for beauty purposes, Zenboté recommends using Extra Virgin oil as this is the oil that retains the most nutrients after pressing. The choice of non-quality oils can make you acne, irritated by additives instead of the desired beauty effects.

With its solid texture and difficult to absorb, the oily skin should avoid using olive oil in large quantities, because it will easily clog pores and causes acne. To take advantage of the beauty effects with olive oil, you should look to organic products that use Olive oil with moderate content, which is processed technically for easier osmosis.

With meticulous research and science, Zenboté has produced organic skin care products made from olive oil that do not irritate or irritate the skin. You can refer to the products of anti-aging creams Hero, extracted from 6 oils including olive oil, lifesaver for dry skin, or Joko regenerative lip balm products for those who have lane. For the lips that are really dry and crap.

So, with these wonderful uses, olive oil is not just for salad dressing  


- Zenboté - 





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