Beautify with Coffee

Coffee - the world's most popular popular drink that inspires many poems. But today Zenboté will not talk about how delicious this drink is, how charming it is, but let's learn about the beauty effect of Coffee.

Surely you have been advised: drink a little coffee, and teeth are yellow! However, when coffee is absorbed through skin care products, it has a great effect;)

** What does coffee contain? **

Green leaf and seed extract of Arabica Café are rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, sterols which are powerful antioxidant ingredients that help fight free radicals and protect skin from UV rays. Among them, the two most famous active ingredients are chlorogenic acid and caffeine.

Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant that forms a shield that protects skin from UV rays and soothes the skin whenever you are sunburned. This active ingredient also has a temporary astringent and whitening effect, giving you a smooth and youthful skin.

Caffeine - the main ingredient of coffee is capable of stimulating blood circulation, helping to smooth and firm skin, significantly reducing crow's feet.

** Coffee and skin **

You do not notice that, but coffee is used a lot in cosmetics.

One of the most important effects of coffee on the skin is to reduce swelling & increase blood circulation. Caffeine in coffee acts as an energy that stimulates circulation of blood vessels, smooths and firms the skin, and reduces the appearance of Cellulite (the fatty deposits under the skin surrounded by toxin, create a rough appearance like orange peel and is the main cause of skin aging. Therefore, you will see that coffee essence appears in slimming cream products, cellulite reduction, and stretch marks. It is also thanks to the characteristic of reducing swelling and increasing blood circulation that coffee also appears in the cream to reduce dark circles eyes too!

Did you see recently that the Scrub products from coffee are very popular? That's because the antioxidants in coffee have the ability to remove dead cells and dirt, while caffeine helps the blood under the skin to circulate, making skin white and natural.

The caffeine in coffee also has a great effect of eliminating cells that have been destroyed by UV swimming while helping damaged cells quickly refactor and prevent skin cancer. This is also why coffee extract is present in all kinds of lotion, sunscreen.


Besides, some scientific experiments have shown that green coffee essence has high antioxidant capacity:

- Proliferation of elastin fibers 1.5 times and collagen fibers 2 times: these are the two main proteins of the skin to make the skin stretch, elastic, without wrinkles.

- Increasing the concentration of 7 times AQP-3 and Glycosaminoglycans twice: these are the proteins to keep skin moisturized.

And that's why Café becomes a key ingredient in anti-aging creams.

However, do not confuse the product Café and Café in skin care products offline! Coffee is when coffee beans have been cleaned, roasted with spices to taste. In organic skincare, the coffee used is green and non-impregnated or roasted coffee beans and beans, the most commonly used in arabica-coffee.

** Coffee and Zenboté **

With very good skin regeneration ability, it is not surprising that Arabica coffee extract is also included in Zenboté's list of organic ingredients.

The product that uses the green coffee extract of Zenboté is Melibu Anti-Aging Gel. You can find this component in the Melibu ingredient table under the name Coffea Arabica Leaf / seed extract. Along with other natural and organic extracts, Melibu is able to provide the most essential nutrients for maintaining and regenerating skin, protecting skin from aging.

Blood week helps having a bright healthy skin. And of course, although irreplaceable for Sunscreen, Melibu coffee extract also plays an important role in protecting skin from UV rays, helping skin regenerate after being damaged by UV rays, contributing to reduce skin cancer.


  1. The most famous beauty tip of Cafe is a mixture of Exfoliation. You just need less coffee or even coffee residue, some yellow sugar, some honey and a little of olive oil

Wet the skin with warm water, then apply a mixture of coffee - olive - honey to the skin and massage in a circle of about 15 '. Then bathe with hot water to clean.  You will feel a cool skin, clean and bright.

You can also replace olive oil with coconut oil, fresh milk, or a yogurt.

Note, coffee beans and nuts are quite big, so consider using scrub for the body to avoid hurting the delicate face! If you have very dry and thin skin, you should also limit this type of scrub!   

2. The night before late staying up you wake up this morning with dark circles? You can completely use a clean piece of cotton, absorbing coffee / tea and then covering your eyes about 10 '. You will see dark circles that are dimmed a lot! 

3. If you have experienced a period of weight gain and stretching, you will understand what cellulite (lumpy skin) areas are. There is a way to get rid of these skin areas by being very simple. Mix the pureed coffee powder with olive oil and apply it to the cellulite skin, cover the plastic with about 20-30 '. Please do it twice a week, a little lost, but you will get unexpected results again!  

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