Balance your skin with the silky soft harmonizing COPA

Rebalancing your skin especially if you have a combination skin becomes essential. But not all measures handle all the problems and you need the right method.

Copa facial moisturizer contains excellent ingredients in skincare world with really "delicious" food – totally clean for the skin. Not only that Copa has super light and soft texture, so when applied to skin completely melts, it is absorbed quickly by the skin and does not cause greasy sensation. The special texture of Copa also can alkaline the oily areas and moisturize dry skin areas.

Copa is a star thanks to the features of the components:

Lavender oil extracted mainly from lavender flowers has many useful uses such as: tighten pores, reduce oil secretion and treat acne, soothe burned and burned skin. Moreover, lavender essential oil is also considered a medicinal god for sleep by use to help users relax when used.


Then one of the key ingredients is coconut oil. Coconut oil is cold pressed from the flesh of the coconut so the oil will be kept the same characteristics. Thanks to vitamins A, E and fatty acids, coconut oil moisturizes, and nourishes the skin naturally. It also rejuvenates the skin, prevents from melasma, and is also an antioxidant and antibacterial.

When using Copa, you will feel your skin as soft as velvet thanks to Coco-Caprylate plant silicon: Prepared from coconut oil, this is a 100% natural choice instead of silicon in normal cosmetics. 
And it is also impossible not to mention the wonderful use of Chrysanthemum flower oil to fill the areas of dry skin and wrinkles. Paracress: Derived from a species of Brazilian daisy, chamomile is traditionally used as an anesthetic because it contains spilanthol - a natural pain reliever. On the skin, this ingredient is considered "botox botanical" thanks to its ability to relax muscles, which helps reduce wrinkles formation. 

In addition, Copa also has Glycogen to regenerate Canola skin and oil protection barrier: "Canada oil, Low acid" - Canadian canola oil calms, nourishes, improves elasticity and texture of skin. At the same time, it protects the skin from bad environmental factors.

Zenboté always finds ways and always brings products that can solve women's problems. So it is no surprise that Copa became the star of the newly released Zen collection.





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