Are you exfoliating the right way?

You've probably heard a lot about the positive effects of exfoliation in skin care. It's great to make your skin smooth and rejuvenate long-term skin. Adding a step to exfoliate skin into the skincare process is a good decision. But are you sure to use exfoliation properly? Try checking it out!


** Wash first or exfoliate first? ** 

According to the beauty care expert’s standard procedure of the first cleaning step we should apply cleanser. You can also add makeup remover if you have makeup or feel that your face has too much excess oil and dirt. Then use to exfoliate products. Because the nature of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells and old keratin cells that daily washing cannot be erased, so use them after the cleanser.

** how often? **

Facial scrub is one of the most important skin care steps. When performing facial exfoliation, it is necessary to base on the type and condition of the skin to choose the appropriate facial scrub.

◼️ For dry, sensitive skin: Keep away from facial scrubs containing substances that cause dryness or irritation to the skin, choose products that support moisturizing and dry skin after cleansing facial skin. Frequency of use: 1-2 times / week.


◼️ Oily skin: Choose an exfoliating facial cream or gel containing activity that removes the facial lubricant. Especially oily skin can exfoliate up to 4 times a week.

If you're not sure, use less often, so your skin has time to adjust and observe.

Strong or light-handed?This is also what you often worry about, how it should work. But if you think that doing strong strokes is the best way to remove dead cells, you're wrong. Massage gently, circularly, slowly is the right care step. Always rinse with cool water (do not use hot water because they can dry the skin)


** When exfoliation is done **

Did you know that after exfoliation, the pores are quite clean and ready for nutrient absorption steps, however, the skin has also lost some moisture. So don't forget to apply serum and cream after exfoliation. Nourishing products will help fill pores instead of leaving them filled with excess oil, dirt and dust.

A little note: to increase the effectiveness of exfoliation, you should do it in the evening, then take a break rather than do it in the morning. If you are required to exfoliate in the morning, remember to apply sunscreen because exfoliation will remove your outer skin, meaning it will be very sensitive to the sun.

In addition, besides a proper use, you also need a special exfoliator for your skin. Don't choose any one just because of the time left on the skin of the product in just a moment. A good product will help clean without abrasion of skin, no irritation during use, even leave the skin with precious nutrients. 

Try looking at an Hoba organic exfoliator - Zenboté. In addition to the exfoliating ingredients such as bamboo, coco-glucoside as a cleansing ingredient, you can also find both silica, aloe juice, hydrolysed rice water and many other nutritional ingredients aimed at Additional minerals after exfoliation. 

Exfoliating skin - the skin care step seems to be very simple and the time of contact with the skin is not much, but there are also potential risks to damage the skin if you choose the wrong product or used incorrectly. . Always be a smart consumer and knowledgeable user! 




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