As before, beauty technology favored cosmetic products due to the rapid effectiveness it brought. Recently, the trend of beauty with natural extracts is preferred by the benign, safe skin - which every beauty believer wants. However, many people wonder, "Is natural cosmetics really effective?"

The answer is definitely YES you, even more effective and lasting than industrial cosmetics.


Why do natural products work well?

☘️ Natural ingredients are validated over hundreds of years. The ingredients are completely 100% natural and organic.

They effectively nourish the skin.  

Concentration formula, each ingredient has skin care effects (water, fat, active ingredients, odorants), contains no fillers, or low volume and ingredients. Used as normal cosmetics. 

More effective than raw unprocessed ingredients by being prepared with advanced technology to remove impurities, toxic components, only retain important and quintessential substances. At the same time, using modern conductive technology components that reach deep in the skin nourish and improve skin problems. 

Determinants of the effectiveness of natural products 

First: The ingredients in a recipe must complement each other to increase the efficiency of the product. It is not possible to select components randomly, because if you do this it may happen that the ingredients work against each other, or when interacting they create a bad ingredient for the skin, causing the product to lose its effectiveness. :

Second: Ingredients in natural cosmetics must be able to penetrate the skin surface and reach deep into the dermis, where cells can absorb them. But many components are unable to do so themselves, especially natural oil-based ingredients. They cannot penetrate deeply into your skin but need to be attached to a molecule to ensure "safe passage" for them through the cell membrane.

Natural oil-based products cannot penetrate deep into your skin without special technology. 

Third: The product must maintain the same nutrients as well as when it comes to customers. Natural ingredients are characterized by being easily damaged or oxidized, resulting in unusable or reduced efficiency over time.

Once again, technology to preserve component nature is very important in the process of preparing natural cosmetics. Considered the "green revolution" of beauty technology, organic cosmetics provide beauty solutions to replace conventional products with chemical ingredients that still meet the needs of the skin.

According to the standards, organic cosmetics must ensure the natural nature of the product, absolutely do not use the components of petrochemicals, synthetic substances, preservatives ... harmful to health, select the city The natural part is pure, safe, with little physical and chemical treatment to keep the nutritional components. In addition, organic cosmetics must also ensure that the production process is not harmful to health or the environment.

Proud to be a brand of high quality organic skin care products developed and produced in Canada, Zenboté brings a line of cosmetics exclusively for women who are really long-lasting beauty, without having to trade personal health or living environment. 

Zenboté's experience in producing long-term natural cosmetics has created a unique combination of rare and precious ingredients. At the same time, the special technology of Zen helps the plant ingredients keep the quality during the use process. When applied on the skin, lead technology supports the deep-reaching components of the skin to exert its inherent effect. Thus, the effectiveness of Zen products is amazing! 

Canada's advanced technology and quality give optimal results With Zenboté, not only your skin is cared for in a delicate and effective way, but your soul also enjoys the relaxation and tranquility thanks to the excellent quality of the top cosmetic line! 




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