Anti-aging skin - don't let your neck skin "denounce" your true age

Fact: women often focus on facial skin, hand skin, and even spend expensive care packages for shoulders but ignore the neck skin. Don’t forget that your neck is the reflect of your age so take care of it as much as you take care of your face!



Neck skin as well as facial skin, is the most exposed skin area to the sun, wind, dust, and is also the most frequently made up skin area but has the least care and cleaning. Have you ever realized, neck skin is always darker and less smooth than facial skin? That's because we've forgotten this skin for a long time. Start changing your habits today, don't wait until the signs of age show up!

1. Don't forget to remove makeup

We often put some powder, even thicker makeup in the neck to prevent the face and neck skin from having a different color. But when makeup removal time has arrived, do you still remember you have put makeup on this area?
Neck skin also has pores, if you don't want these pores to expand, st

art with make-up and cleansing. The benign, moderate cleaning products with gentle movements will be the optimal choice for this skin. At the bottom, we will explain why neck skin is more sensitive and wrinkled than the facial skin 

Mavo multipurpose cleansing milk helps neutralize make up layer thanks to avocado oil and tangerine peel extract.

2. Apply sunscreen to the entire neck area

Facial skin needs to be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays in the sunshine, the skin also needs it. UV rays can attack up to the dermis and dermis and make the skin dark. A bottle of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of SPF 15 will help you avoid neck and black skin. Ideally, you can choose daily sunscreens with an SPF of 30-40.

3. Moisturizer

The neck skin is thicker than the face but is thinner than the skin on the body, if not too fussy, you can use facial cream to take care of the neck area. Vegetable oils are also a good source of nutrition for ancient skin, as long as you pay attention to the pure type and don't be too dense. The most suitable are chamomile, rose, olive, jojoba, sweet almonds. Coconut oil is also a good oil but quite heavy and thick, so if you use coconut oil, you should only use it in a small amount.

You can also refer to Zenboté's Organic HERO - a blend of 6 vegetable oils including sandalwood and hemp oil. These precious vegetable oils help strengthen toughness, improve elasticity and significantly reduce the signs of aging, providing smoothness, smoothness and radiance to the neck area. 

Anti-aging skin lotion - The salvation of dry skin, enhancing anti-aging moisturizing

4. Masage properly

Massaging the skin will help awaken old cells, increase blood circulation, make the skin appear rosy and brighter. But the skin in the neck area is very fragile if you massage it the wrong way, just like you are spoiling your skin yourself. So keep in mind that absolutely no masage circles or the top-down direction of the neck skin. Only follow the direction from the bottom up and not more than 10-15 'each time.

5. Remove dead skin

To lighten the neck skin, you should choose a mild exfoliant, small and round beads, without sharp edges. You can use recipes such as almond powder mixed with fresh milk or you can use light products such as Hoba mineral exfoliating gel - Zenboté with ingredients from bamboo and horsetail grass, both clean and supply at the same time. supply silica to regenerate collagen for the neck skin.Good, benign products and nutritional supplements from within, along with an understanding of skin care is the secret to a healthy, radiant skin. 

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