Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation with melissa

You may find it strange to be called Perilla, but this is an extremely popular Western herb for anti-aging. You will see a lot of products, especially organic skin care products that contain this ingredient.

Melissa is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family, native to the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. In English, lemon balm is called "Lemon Balm" because of its light, lemon-like aroma, providing a pleasant, smooth feeling to users. In summer, blooming and full of nectarine flowers attract bees to the bile, so the new earth sheaf is named "Melissa" because in Greek it means "honey bee".

** Lemon balm - the ultimate anti-aging ingredient **

Lemon balm is one of the first herbs to be used for medicinal purposes. Since ancient Greece, humans have used them to treat all skin wounds as well as mental injuries, helping to improve mood, calmness and alertness.

Perilla is known as the "Fairy Pharmaceutical" in the life of ancient Greeks and Romans. This is a remedy for insomnia, dyspeptic symptoms, preventing herpes lesions, ulcers, Alzheimer's disease, hyperthyroidism and dealing with cold and flu viruses.

Ranked 12th in the table of essential antioxidant oils, Perilla is also used by the ancients as a skin rejuvenation, extremely anti-aging. This is due to the presence of caffeic acid and ferulic acid - two components with strong UV resistance. Lemon balm also contains high levels of flavonoids - a high antioxidant. Therefore, you will find Lemon balm in many anti-aging products as well as day care products.

In addition, Lemon balm also has soothing properties, stimulates blood circulation and antibacterial properties - these are all properties that creams / lotions are for acne-prone skin and sunburned skin.

Each anti-aging product has its own secret, for Melibu organic anti-aging cream, Zenboté selects two essential natural ingredients: Burdock extract and lemon balm (Melissa ), creating a formula with superior strength in preventing skin aging. In an anti-aging cream melibu, you can also find very unique skin care ingredients such as aloe juice, safflower oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E ... The skin will immediately become smooth. and soft, it also fades wrinkles. Melibu gives skin a fresh beauty, lasting radiance with a sweet fragrance of orchids.


Add a secret to skin care with lemon balm, both safe and effective, Zenboté hopes to give you a useful beauty knowledge. Join Zenboté to learn about beauty tips here. 




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