For those who love natural beauty and skin care, aloe vera has become a very familiar name in recent years, and this is also the most used ingredient of natural and organic cosmetics. . Inside the aloe vera leaves contain aloe vera gel, is a transparent part like jelly, contains a lot of nutrients for the skin, has the effect of softening, moisturizing and being used since ancient times to cure burns and scar treatment.

 How does aloe gel help you to be beautiful?

In beauty, thanks to the precious ingredients, aloe vera is considered the king of plants on earth, famous for its ability:

  • Soothe and heal wounds (especially signs of itching, swelling, sunburn, acne)
  • Deep moisture supply, prevent and reduce wrinkles formation
  • Aloe vera helps reduce itching, dandruff, make hair shine and stimulate hair growth

 Aloe is also a healthy food and a healthy beverage!

Thanks to its excellent skin and antibacterial properties, aloe vera is used in most beauty products: cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, mask ...

** How to get fresh aloe vera gel **


  • Cutting board
  •  A sharp knife
  •  Aloe leaf and a clean bowl


  • First, cut out the best leaves on your home aloe vera, so choose small but mature leaves to make the smell more pleasant. It is advisable to cut about 2 leaves at a time. This is because the traditional way of preserving aloe vera gel will only keep their effect for about 1 month.
  •  Continue cutting along the spiny part of the aloe vera leaf. Put them away.
  • Use a sharp knife, separate the green crust above. You will see aloe vera gel beneath the blue crust
  • Carefully peel the aloe vera gel layer vertically along the leaf body. You can also use a thin spoon to replace the knife, gently to scoop and flip this gel up vertically.
  • Finally, get the gel into the clean bowl and start making skin care recipes that you know are using aloe vera gel

** What are the precautions when using aloe vera gel for skin care? **


  • Apply a thin layer on the small skin area to see if it is irritating
  • Do not use for open wounds
  • It should not be more than 15 minutes each time

** Nurturing products on aloe water base **

For normal skin care products, the most important ingredient is water (aqua). However, for high-end organic cosmetics like Zenboté, the water-substituting ingredient is aloe vera juice - enough liquid for the product, while also providing valuable nutrients to the skin.


If you love Aloe, like to use aloe to take care of your skin, but don't have much time to do it, we make sure that organic skin care products of Zenboté Canada won't disappoint you.





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