Be attentive of your skin needs, your skin will thank you by offering you a long lasting beauty !

** The first signs **

The first manifestations of the aging process take place very soon, as soon as you see your skin seems to be drier, less fresh, dull, especially skin lesions caused by acne or healed wounds.

These phenomena appear due to slower metabolism in the body over time, poor ability to regenerate cells. This is even more evident for those who have to sit in air conditioning, not drinking enough water, nor taking vitamins and minerals in their diets or have an inadequate diet.

In addition, a few wrinkles, tortoise, melasma also began to appear. At this time, the skin is losing its ability to produce collagen and elastin, making the elasticity and stretching of the ball disappear. Not only that, the pigments and melanin increased to form age spots, dark spots that make the skin no longer bright and healthy.

** Clearer signs **

Your skin is soft and supple when you are young because of the strong connective tissue, the amount of collagen and elastin produced a lot. But over time, these tissues become weak, broken bonds, collagen and elastin deficiency lead to softness and supple skin, instead of slack and sagging skin. In addition, poor regeneration makes the skin become thinner.


** The most obvious signs **

As we get older, subcutaneous fat gradually disappears, especially in the cheeks, temples, chin, nose and eyes, resulting in sagging skin, sunken eyes and the appearance of cheekbones and chin. The nose and eyes also fell. These changes are most obvious after age 60.

Nobody wants their skin knocked early by aging. So make sure you have a proper diet that provides a full range of nutrients and vitamins and a proper anti-aging skin care process.

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