The human life for the eyes is the window of the soul. Whenever happiness surges or when suffering is painful, the eyes will let the opposite person easily discover those secret thoughts. However, on the face, the eyes are also the most difficult part. The skin around the eyes is fragile and weak, easily aging by time and environmental factors that make you less beautiful. So what are the aging problems of this skin area? What anti-aging measures for eye skin?


  1. Wrinkles and sagging:

This is one of the clear manifestations of aging in the skin around the eyes.

The reasons are
- A thin skin: As you get older, your skin gradually loses its collagen production, leading to a thinner epidermis, making your skin wrinkled.

- Loss of elasticity: The production of elastin slowly over time causes your eyelids to lose elasticity and begin to fall.:

- Dynamic wrinkles: Repeated actions for many years of squinting, frowning also make wrinkles around the eyes.

- Loss of volume and fat: As you get older, subcutaneous fat gradually disappears, shrinking bones lose the basic support and lead to sagging skin and deeper eye sockets.



- Create a habit of sleeping with pillows and not prone. - Enhance collagen for skin through eating, drinking and firming skin products, preventing sagging of eye skin.

- Use cream products containing strong anti-aging ingredients for the eyes, natural words are the best. Ingredients Chrysanthemum Austria - also known as Botox botanical helps to smooth wrinkles for the skin very effectively.

References Product: Organic balancing copa facial cream of Zenboté.


 2. Puffiness:

It is the phenomenon of appearing fat bags under the skin of the lower eyelid, pulling the drooping eye area. This happens because the subcutaneous fat builds up over time. Meanwhile, the thin skin layer keeps the fat pads weak with age. The bones around the eyes begin to gradually diminish, leading to larger eye sockets, further highlighting the puffiness.

- Dip a teaspoon in ice and squeeze the back of the spoon onto the lower eyelid with a little force. Cold feeling can help you reduce puffiness.

- Alternately, keep a piece of cotton wool soaked in cold milk on your eyes. This helps you soften, brighten skin, reduce puffiness. 

3. Dark circles:Dark

Eyes are one of the visible signs of aging. If you are young, it is usually hereditary, allergy or exhaustion, constant sleeplessness. Over time, there will be additional causes:

 - Loss of fat and bone: over time, fat increases and bone density decreases, creating eye sockets. The skin is sagging, dark circles appear from there.- Collagen loss: The skin is pale, thin, vein visible.

- Hyperpigmentation: Dark colored skin is part of the natural aging process, especially in darker skinned people. Rubbing your eyes often can darken your skin. 

- Applying a chilled tea bag to your eyes will help reduce blood vessels quickly and help prevent eye damage. - Search for a product that contains ingredients Vitamin C essence helps to lighten halo and repel aging.Reference products: Multi-purpose lotion Serum Pingin with vitamin C concentrate helps you erase dark circles effectively. 

Pingin also contains ginseng and pine forest ingredients that help skin become rosy, firm and smooth

4. Eyelashes

As you age, your eyelashes become shorter, thinner and thinner over time. It is also an expression of aging of the eye.

- Vegetable oils such as coconut oil and olive oil will help you maintain lashes stronger and thicker. You make your eyelashes longer with these vegetable oils before going to bed.

- In addition, to combat aging for an effective eye area, you need to start protecting your eyes as soon as possible. Always wear sunglasses that protect 100% eyes from ultraviolet rays to avoid the effects of sunlight and wrinkles that cause skin wrinkles.

- Add food containing ingredients Vitamin C, E, antioxidant foods. Get enough sleep, keep the spirit happy.

Especially, do not forget to choose for yourself the organic skin care products that help anti-aging safely and effectively for this delicate and precious skin! ­






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