Currently, many consumers are aware of the potential dangers of cosmetic chemicals. Hence increasing demand for natural products. Some cosmetic companies have quickly responded to the trend with new camouflage: "greenwashing" - making consumers think a conventional product is natural / organic. Which factors can influence your perception of a natural product?


-Label name: product with the phrase "natural cosmetics" does not always guarantee a truly "green" recipe (100% natural and safe ingredients).


- Ingredients description:  On packaging and in advertisements, natural ingredients are always highlighted. However, learn more about this component. Surely there are no other common chemicals besides this ingredient? Many products emphasize "made from organic olive oil" on the packaging, but actually only 5% of organic olive oil, the rest are mineral oil, colorings, odor, preservatives!


-Packaging products: images of plants on the packaging, using bottles and accessories of natural materials (rope, paper, bamboo and rattan ...) will evoke a feeling of closeness to nature. However, this does not guarantee the natural composition of the product.


- Environmental friendliness: using recyclable packaging, action campaigns for the environment associated with the product ... are very welcome, but also do not show the nature of the product.


- Natural / organic certification: some products have natural / organic product certification labels on the packaging. It is a good thing, but make sure you recognize and understand the standards of those certifications to determine how trustworthy they are. There are many products bearing fake logos, imitating the original logo. On the contrary, many firms believe in their quality and resist the commercialization of organic certification without registering a certificate even if the quality is a standard quality.


Again, external factors such as labels, packaging, manufacturer statements ... can confuse ordinary and natural or organic cosmetics. Therefore, to distinguish natural cosmetics from this "green" camouflage, we need to go back to the basic principle: The ingredient says it all!

Equip yourself with the right choice!


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