In women's facial treatments applying mask is an indispensable important step no matter who you are and wherever you are. Have you ever wondered what masks are used in which country? And which ingredients the women love for the mask? Let's find out with Zenboté!

Mask, step indispensable skin care for women around the world  Photo source: Kaz - Pixabay.com






*Turmeric enhances the skin's vitality, prevents inflammation, stimulates, restricts scar, acne, makes skin smooth and radiant.


*Mix turmeric powder and sandalwood powder and rose water into an anti-aging mask, soften and brighten skin.


*According to Indian customs, brides are applied before the wedding day as a traditional beauty method.


Change according to skin needs

Skin care has been deeply rooted in the French lifestyle as part of culture. They tend to customize the form of masks based on specific skin goals and conditions. French women like to use prescription masks like drugs. They like to use herbal masks to soothe the skin, then change to a moisturizing mask when needing to stretch the skin.


Activated Carbon

Americans focus on eliminating toxic substances through cleansing of pores and treating blackheads. The top searched activated carbon mask here. Activated carbon also works to whiten the skin, even to drink to purify the body.


Clay Ghassoul This clay can be used as a soap to cleanse the skin, and it contains all the necessary skin minerals.Add rose water to clay powder to have a mask that helps remove blackheads completely naturally, while smoothing the skin. Ghassoul clay is safe for both your skin and your hair.


Mask Paper

Japan is the paradise of mask pieces. The Japanese often stay in the air-conditioned, from office, private house to subway, shopping center so the skin is dry. Because of the greasy feeling of moisturizer, they consider the patch mask to be an alternative and use it daily.

RUSSIA Milk and herbs 

Russian traditional mask culture is basically a "raid" of the refrigerator. Eggs, oats, dairy products, honey, local herbs, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, etc. Everything found in the refrigerator can be put on the face of the Russians!


Henna leaves

Senegal women use henna leaves, which are used as henna tattoo ink, but are lighter in color, to be crushed into powder and mixed with water to create a mask to help moisturize the skin



Similar to clay, the mud also contains many minerals, which help the skin softer after each mask.If you like mud-making beauty like Argentine girls, remember that only mud masks should be covered for less than 10 minutes. Combine mineral spray with continuous moisturizing during embellishment to prevent skin dryness. Dry skin also needs to be careful with this material.


Wherever you are in this world, masks are always an essential step in the process of facials. Depending on the needs and condition of the skin you choose for yourself an anti-aging mask, moisturize or detoxify to get the desired skin. Like women around the world, prioritize natural ingredients that are available, safe, benign and effective. Choosing organic products instead of chemicals is the optimal path to long-lasting healthy beauty!

Source: PIxabay

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