7 mistakes that cause lips dehydration

You always want to have soft, wet, pinky lips even without lipstick. You always find the best recipes, the best lip balm, but the results you get are still a dry, peeling, lacking lips. It's time to sit back and find out why and how to fix it effectively!


What causes the lips to be dry and cracked?


** Licking your lips as a habit **

Regular lip gloss is considered one of the causes of direct lip dryness. This is a habit that many people still think will help the lips to be less dry by thinking when licking lips, lips will be wet immediately. But in fact our saliva contains enzymes, inorganic salts, proteins, amylase (a type of starch enzyme). Each type plays a major role in the digestion of carbohydrates from our food.

When you lick your lips, you have a thin layer of paste from amylase on your lips. At first you will feel your lips seem softer but with wind, low humidity, water in the solution will evaporate, leaving amylase sticking on the lip surface. This substance makes the lips shrink and drier than before. 

** Drink too little water **

70% of the body is water. In addition to the natural secret oil layer, special skin needs water to smooth moisture, to have a healthy shine. When we drink less, skin we will dry up. And so is the lips! In particular, the texture of the lips does not contain glands that create oils like skin, so water is more important. If you do not drink enough water during the day, the lips become dry and easily peeled which can be also painful.  

** Due to environmental factors **

The air is dry, especially in the north in the cold season, or because of long work in air-conditioned rooms, ultraviolet rays in the sun, chemicals in the pool water (especially chlorine) can cause lips, skin and the hair very dry. 

** Toothpaste can also cause dry lips **

Toothpaste is a surprising cause of dry lips. There are actually many types of toothpaste that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. According to many studies, this ingredient may irritate the lips, causing the lips to dry and crack. If you are uncomfortable with chapped lips due to toothpaste, try switching other toothpaste 

 ** Allergies **

There are many types of allergies that can cause dry lips, which are allergic to cobalt and nickel. If you use too much vitamin B12 supplement, it can cause allergies to cobalt, leading to dry lips and peeling lips.

** Due to some illnesses **

Autoimmune disease can make your lips sensitive to the sun and become cracked. Thyroid and psoriasis can also cause dry lips. Perleche's disease, or angular cheilitis, or diabetes can lead to dry skin around the mouth. 


**  Dry lips due to lifestyle **

Smoking, drinking, stress ... for alcohol, its properties are diuretic, and cause the body to "release water", so for beer, the more you drink, the more You may be "drier". As for smoking, or long-term stress, these are factors that limit your body's circulation and metabolism. And peripheral parts like your lips, will be the first victims. Moreover, smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke is much higher, there is also a risk of making your lips darker and duller. 

There is a number of methods to overcome the dry environment from nature.

◼️ Immediately remove the lips licking lips to avoid worse lips

◼️ Drink enough 2 - 2.5 liters of water every day to maintain body moisture, skin as well as lips.

◼️ Always keep safe lip balm in your book bag so you can use it when you need it

◼️ Change the type of toothpaste you are using if they make your lips dry

◼️ Add more vegetables and fruits on the menu to enhance your body's Vitamin. Note foods that supplement Vitamin A, B2 and C

◼️Limit stimulants, alcohol, and tobacco. Relaxing to reduce stress 

In addition, you can refer to the Lip balm product that recreates Joko's lips of Zenboté, with ingredients of Jojoba oil, Kokum butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil. Joko helps the lips to be smooth and healthy, especially not slimy thanks to the ability to melt quickly on the lips. What's better than beautiful, sweet fruity lips every day? 



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