6 mistakes to avoid in your skin care routine

Are you very into your skin care routine?

Are you always up to date with new knowledge and trends?
But day by day, your skin still doesn't improve. The cause may be in the top 6 most common mistakes in skin care process. Try to see if you do something wrong.

** Use of a product according a trend ** 

No matter how great a product is, it can't fit everyone! A product that may match one person and doesn't suit anotherone! It's perfectly normal because our bodies are completely different, no matter how similar the looks are.

So don't be surprised if you find your best friend using product A having wonderful results, but you don't get the same on your skin.

The principle is: "Always start things slowly and constantly listen to your body." Especially, if you have sensitive skin, try to make your skin react to the new product by applying it to a small area like your wrist or behind the ear. Increase your intake each time and number of times a day if your skin responds well!



** You Exfoliate and wash your face in the wrong way **

Beauty-friendly girls know that regular exfoliation will help to remove old, lumpy skin and help the new skin to be quickly regenerated, so that new skin is getting better and better. However, if you never exfoliate or exfoliate too much - the consequences are the same.

If you do not exfoliate your skin, even if you use 4-5 times a balm per week, the delicate skin cannot absorb all the nutrients, because the dead cell layer interferes. Excessive exfoliating, on the contrary, can damage the skin, causing skin to irritate the rash and especially increase oil secretion. This is like whether you are too lazy to wash your face or wash your face too many times a day.

Ideally, exfoliate 1-2 times a week and wash your face twice a day. Instead of massively rubbing or using a lot of cleansing gel / cleanser, you should take a moderate amount, with beans, then massage gently with a little longer time - that's how it works. Clean up!

** You do not drink enough water **

Your skin always needs to be taken care of from the outside with skin care products and from the inside with the nutrients absorb. Even good skin care products can only take care of the skin epidermis and absolutely cannot replace the water supply from the body. So, if you invest a lot of money and effort to take care of your skin but forget to drink water then surely the effect will not be as you want!

Drink enough water and take care of your skin properly in order to have a plump, skin!

** Abuse of skin care products **

It sounds absurd, but indeed, our skin is very fragile, and its "capacity" is limited. The fact that you "burn" your skin with too many products / layers will cause your skin to overload, not absorb all the nutrients and even reverse the reaction by irritation and pimples.

So how much is enough?

1 pea-sized of cream

 1 press for serum

2 times press for Toner

1-coin amount of toner to absorb cotton and apply to skin


** To combine many products from different lines **
Unless you are an "expert" in the field of skincare, if not, try to use 1 product line for at least 70% of your daily skin care routine


The reason is that each product line has its own characteristics, each manufacturer has its own secrets to calculate how the products in the same line support each other most effectively. The combination of many products from many different manufacturers is likely to cause "elimination" of the effectiveness of products or worse, irritation.


** Change product constantly **
Skin care is both a long and patient process. Depending on the product and the response of each skin, the time it takes for products to be effective may vary. Most importantly, your skin always needs some time to adapt to new care products.

So, be patient and perform at least 3 months for a product before concluding that it works for you. The saying "natural beauty does not mean beautiful nature" is a gift for you in this case!

- Zenboté - 


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