6 Mistakes that make your skin more oily

Tired of having oily skin? Is that even becoming an obsession?  Have you ever wondered, why is your skin constantly releasing oil despite taking care of many methods? Right now, you are sure that your oily skin care methods are correct without making any mistakes. Let's go with Zenboté to find answers to these questions!



Harmful habits make the skin becoming more oily

First Zen wants you to understand and answer the reasons why your skin is secreting oil. Usually there are only two causes of oily skin: Genetic genes and hormones in your body.

Thus, we cannot change the genes, but we can completely adjust our living habits so that the healthy but annoying skin oil doesn't affect our lives.


Reality has many seemingly harmless habits but is the agent that makes your skin secrete more oil. Know not to get caught up in these things in the skin care process!

** wash your face too much **

Zen understands that your skin will certainly make you feel greasy skin all day very uncomfortable, the easiest way is to wash your face. However, washing your face too much also dehydrates your skin, dries up and stimulates even more oil, even if you only wash your face with cold water. So, to prevent skin from oily secretions, just wash your face twice a day is the number you should remember.


** Using facial cleanser wrong type **


This is also the habit of mistake people do and lead to oily skin. The type of cleansing is easy to make you satisfied because of the clean feeling on the skin, but in fact it has completely lost the protective oil layer.
So, no matter how oily your skin is, you should only use a mild cleanser to avoid getting rid of the oil. Types such as the Jasberry-Zenboté soft foam cleanser are a good example of moderate cleaning but will help your skin relieve oil.

Jasberry facial cleanser uses the natural bleach of Decyl glucoside compound - Ingredients extracted from coconut and corn starch

** Excessive exfoliation **

The same is true in cases where excessive exfoliation will cause skin damage. In the ingredients of exfoliation products often contain strong detergents. These products will strain the skin, absorbing the amount of oil that keeps the skin constantly oiled. Instead, opt for mild medium scrubs and organic natural ingredients 

** Do not use toner **

You already know that the skin is unbalanced, lack of moisture after cleansing will cause more oil spills. At this time, the Toner has the main function of balancing the skin. "Balance" will help balance the pH of the skin and keep the skin a certain moisture and will limit the oil secretion. You will see this use when using Toner Chama Zenboté. In addition, thanks to the composition of water hazelnut, Chama also helps tighten pores for oily skin. This is a useful effect in preventing oil secretion! 

** Skip cream **

Everyone thought that oily skin that applied lotion was extremely uncomfortable and would cause pores clogging. You know because this thinking makes your skin more and more oil. Because when there is not enough water and moisture the skin will seriously increase its oil secretion. Your saviour is only cream, they will help you provide water and nutrients to the skin.

Currently, there are many types of lotions for oily skin that do not clog pores you should learn about them.

Copa balancing cream helps skin balance and limit oil secretion thanks to Austrian chrysanthemum ingredients and coconut oil

** Abuse of oil absorption products **

Salicylic acid, Benzoyl peroxide, Alpha hydroxy acids, and oil-absorbent ingredients are often used to popularize their oil absorption functions by well-known products. But the truth, the benefits are harmless if you overuse the oil-absorbing products. Because the more oil is absorbed, the more the skin tends to secrete more oil to compensate for the loss. A proper care regimen to limit oil secretion is better than those that only deal with tops.
Zenboté always hopes that you will find safe and effective skin care methods and products. 



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