The hot summer is close by, but your dry skin cannot improve, even if you try to buy expensive products or refer to hundreds of different masks. However, do you know that many of your living habits have inadvertently "disabled" your efforts? Try again to see where you make a mistake!

Changing habits in a positive way, you are helping the cream efficiency

** Bathing habits **

Natural oils on the skin protect your skin from sunlight, bacteria. However, there are many activities that accidentally lose this oil layer. One of the main reasons is your bathing routine.

Taking too long a bath, especially with hot water, will not make you cleaner but make your skin dry, resulting in a rash and itching. Or abuse the foaming agent in soap, shower gel, soap bubbles, will make you feel like you are cleaning your skin thoroughly and have a charming scent but will reduce the natural protective oil on your skin, leading to dry, and  rough skin.

Remedy: You should use soap free of soap, and avoid SLS and strong detergents, or, if so, only use in moderate amounts. The optimal shower time is from 5-10 '. 
For the face, a soft, gentle foam cleanser is also good for your skin. If you will be aware that big and reputable brands will use it when designing their bottles so that customers can use them after 2.5-3 months. Even for skin care products, once pressed - a spoon is a standard setting for each use. So, if you find yourself using it quickly or not at all, the possibility is that you have not used the correct amount that the manufacturer calculates. 

** Use a cream immediately after bathing **

After cleansing, the skin is clean and well-ventilated, so this is the time you should provide the skin with nutrients to reinforce the skin barrier. 5 minutes after bathing is also when your skin still has some moisture left over from the water, you should take advantage of this time to apply a moisturizer, which will help your skin retain more moisture and absolutely not let your skin dry naturally.

Note, you just need to apply a thin layer of moisturize. Applying too much nourishing cream makes the skin unabsorbed and it will be a moist environment for bacteria to grow and benefit from harm! At night, allow yourself to use a little thicker cream, because the night is when your skin is rested and there is more time to absorb nutrients from the cream.

** Which lotion is good for dry skin **

In fact, most vegetable oils are mostly used for dry skin, but especially better then you should use olive oil, jojoba, rice bran oil, avocado oil, shea ... These are also Vegetable oils selected by organic firms like Zenboté for special creams for dry skin, which need enhanced nutrition (Intensive nurturing cream HERO)

In addition, fat cream is the preferred type of women especially for dry skin due to its high moisturizing ability. However, you should also note, this cream is quite thick and is often used for foot, hand, and skin and is not entirely suitable for face skin. If your skin is sensitive, this cream can clog pores and form acne. 

Use only mild odor products or odorless products from natural oils
If one day you notice that your skin is suddenly drier than usual, check if your products contain alcohol, aromatherapy, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) - these are likely to cause dryness skin, although it seems very useful for other skin types.
Especially, if you are a person who is sensitive to scents, organic natural products that do not contain any odor, will be a safe and effective option for you.

** Exfoliate gently **

Do you know the importance of exfoliation for dry skin? Exfoliating products help support the removal of horny layers, dead skin cells, prevent infections and help skin absorb nutrients from other products. Do not exfoliate your skin to make your skin easy to get pimples and cannot absorb the nutrients you provide. But excessive exfoliation is also the cause of dry, itchy skin. For dry skin, once a week is the right frequency for both your face and your body! We advice you to try our cream HERO, made with the 6 most precious oils, a treasure for dry skin!




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