4 signs that you have washed your face the wrong way

Facial cleansing is the first step of skin care that plays a very important role in the beauty process but due to the short stay on the skin, most people often think that skin problems do not originate from this product. . Except for signs that make you uncomfortable immediately after cleansing or makeup removal, if you notice the following signs, you should consider changing the way or skin cleansing product.


Washing your face the wrong way or improper cleansing products make the skin rash, rough


** Itchy eyes, dry lips **

If after a while, you may see that your eyes are puffy or itchy and rubbing your eyes or your lips are dry even when you are in the middle of a hot season - that is a sign that you have cleaned your makeup in the wrong way. Improper cleansing can also lead to pimples.

To make it easier to clean your eyes and lips, use a cotton swab to wash your makeup and apply it to your eyes and lips for a few minutes and then gently wipe it off.

You can refer to Zenboté's Mavo Organic Milky Makeup Remover. With ingredients from avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter & tangerine peel essence, Mavo optimally cleans, removes thick layers of make-up, excess oil and lightens skin significantly.


Your skin is gently cleansed thanks to Mavo's avocado oil extract

** Dull and irregular skin colour **
Dead skin cells that are not removed regularly will make healthy cells not getting enough nutrients, resulting in a pale, grainy, flaky skin. Many people simply think that because the cream is not good enough, the serum does not work, but not many people think that cleaning is not done well. What about a bottle of effective cleansing cleanser and a gentle but regular exfoliant?

Hoba Zenboté mineral exfoliating gel will help you regain the freshness of your skin thanks to organic bamboo silica, brown rice extract and rosemary. Completely eliminating dead cells and remnants of skin makeup, Hoba returns a shiny, radiant complexion and velvety feel.

** The skin is tense or more oily **

Many people think that dry, stretched skin is a sign of deep cleansing, but in fact, it is a sign that you have used a strong cleanser, a lot of bleach and harsh skin. Using a strong detergent will remove all protective oils on the skin, dehydrate the skin and completely "disarm" from outside agents. As a result, your skin is forced to secrete more oil to limit dehydration and protect your skin from the external environment. Things can get worse when your face starts to acne, may become dry and rough. The solution for you is to use mild, sulfate-free cleanser help cleanse skin without violence. 

Soft foaming cleanser Jasberry - Zenboté Canada is a combination of Jasmine, Cranberry, Aloe Vera and Decyl Glucoside extracts - extracted from coconut fatty and corn starch - to cleanse the skin just enough without causing dry itch. Suitable for combination skin and oily skin. 

** More and more blackheads **

Blackhead acne is the result of continuous skin secreting excess oil, mixing with dirt, bacteria forming a special mixture, sealing pores, then oxidizing when exposed to air should be black.
The appearance of blackheads is a manifestation of your daily cleaning steps that are not "powerful" enough to uproot these black heads. Usually makeup remover - cleanser - exfoliation has been a good cleaning step, but if that is not enough, try one more step with a purifying mask.  
Kaolin clay is special, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & capable - when exposed to water on the skin, the clay will expand 40-50 times the volume. It will deeply clean the pores.  

Coftea organic purifying mask is mask composed by wonderful ingredients such as Kaolin, coffee, green tea, red algae, purifies & deep cleanses pores. After a while, you will feel a smooth, radiant skin and the disappearance of blackhead spots.   





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